Kerala High Court: E-Toilets to be Build for Flood Affected Tribal Families  ||  Amalgamation of Air Asia With Air India Express Approved by NCLT  ||  SC: Accused Refusing to Undergo Medical Examination Amounts to Non-Cooperation With Investigation  ||  Ker. HC: Power Under Section 216 of CrPC Can be Exercised by the Court at Any Time Before Judgement  ||  IIAC (Conduct of Micro and Small Enterprises Arbitration) Regulations, 2024 Issued by IIAC  ||  Mad. HC: State Bound to Take Care of Adults With Mental Health Illness and No Family Support  ||  Mad. HC: State Bound to Take Care of Adults With Mental Health Illness and No Family Support  ||  Ker HC: Min. of Animal Husbandry to Consider Objections to Ban on ‘Dangerous & Ferocious’ Dog Breeds  ||  Madras High Court: Important to Send Out Message That Courts Shouldn’t be Taken for Granted  ||  Insolvency Proceedings Initiated Against Himalayan Mineral Water by NCLT    

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Ossification test cannot be regarded as conclusive for ascertaining age of a person(30.11.2016)

Present appeals by special leave impugns judgment passed by High Court, whereby appeal filed by Appellants was dismissed affirming their conviction un.....

Tags : Age determination, Medical Opinion, Admissibility

Opinions or advices can only be provided to the Applicants, if it is available on record of the public authority(06.11.2020)

The complainant filed an application under the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act) before the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) Life Insu.....

Tags : Information, Opinion, Obligation

Allahabad High Court ends sedition proceedings against Arun Jaitley(05.11.2015)

In a strongly worded judgment the Allahabad High Court quashed sedition proceedings against Union Minister Arun Jaitley, terming the Magistrate’s find.....

Tags : Sedition, Arun Jaitley, article, opinion


Bombay HC: Experts May Give Opinion in a Case, But Can’t Apply Law(04.09.2017)

Bombay High Court has held that an expert invited to give his or her opinion on a case cannot apply law to the facts of the case and offer a solution,.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Expert opinion

Court cannot express opinion on evidence at interim stage of suit(18.08.2015)

Hearing a contractual dispute, the High Court of Hyderabad declined to rule whether on the evidence adduced it was acceptable to refer a document to a.....

Tags : Interim, document, expert opinion, prejudge

Mad HC: High Court Can’t Interfere With Opinion of Medical Experts by Acting as an Expert Body(14.06.2023)

Madras High Court while refusing relief to a mother in a medical negligence case has held that High Court can’t interfere with the opinion of the medi.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Medical Negligence, Expert Opinion, Judicial Review

Document proved in Court as executed by a party does not require handwriting expert opinion(10.04.2015)

Once a document is proved in the Court to have been executed, or a signature appended is proved to have been truly signed by the party concerned, it i.....

Tags : signature, expert, opinion, mandatory, evidence

Del HC: Voice Sample of Accused Can be Obtained After Filing of Charge Sheet With Court's Permission(08.08.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that framing of charges cannot defeat the right of the prosecution to obtain an expert opinion on voice samples that it had .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Framing of Charges, Voice Samples, Expert Opinion

Bombay HC Holds Man to be Legally Insane Despite Contrary Medical Opinion(11.02.2019)

Bombay High Court has ruled a man to be "legally insane", despite the fact that he was found to not be suffering from any mental disorder by Yerwada M.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Bombay HC Holds Man to be Legally Insane Despite Contrary Medical Opinion

SC: Can’t Consider Dissenting Opinion as Award in Case Majority Award is Set Aside(25.08.2023)

Supreme Court has held that a dissenting opinion can’t be treated as an award if majority award is set aside, and observed that when a majority award .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Arbitration, Award, Dissenting Opinion

Del. HC: Court Can’t Set Aside Majority Opinion of the Arbitral Award(02.01.2024)

Delhi High Court has held that a party can’t file a petition u/s 34 of A&C Act for setting aside a majority or a dissenting opinion, as in the event C.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Arbitral Award, Majority Opinion

Karnataka HC Directs State to Correct Practice of Giving Opinion for Filing Appeals Against Acquittal(22.06.2021)

Karnataka High Court has directed the state government to correct the practise followed by the prosecution department of commencing the work of giving.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Practice of Giving Opinion for Filing Appeals Against Acquittals

SC: Handwriting Expert's Opinion Not Only Mode to Prove Signature and Handwriting(21.03.2022)

Supreme Court has observed that opinion of the handwriting expert is not the only way or mode of proving the signature and handwriting of a person. Th.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Handwriting Expert's Opinion

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