Direction by UP Govt. to Display Name of Shop Owners During Kanwar Yatra Challenged in SC  ||  Del. HC: DDA Criticized for Not Taking Measures for Beautification of District Park  ||  Order Holding that Watching Child Porn Isn’t an Offence, Recalled by Karnataka HC  ||  Uttarakhand HC: Can’t Hold Husband Guilty for Unnatural Sex Under Section 377 of IPC  ||  Cal. HC: Applications Related to ICA Can be Entertained by Single Judge of Commercial Division  ||  Bom. HC: Stock Broker Can’t be Booked for Duping Shareholders Only for Forwarding Whatsapp Messages  ||  Del. HC: PIL Seeking Removal of Videos of Women and Minor on YouTube, Refused  ||  Del. HC: PIL Seeking Removal of Videos of Women and Minor on YouTube, Refused  ||  Del. HC: Delhi Govt. Directed to Implement Hybrid Courts Project on Priority Basis  ||  SC: Dispute regarding Discharge of Contract is Arbitrable as per Arbitration Agreement    

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SC asks BJP to exit state right(13.07.2016)

The Supreme Court concluded the proceedings of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh during the 6th session of the State’s Legislative Assembly to be in v.....

Tags : arunachal pradesh, president’s rule, unconstitutional, disqualification


Allahabad HC Declares "Triple Talaq" Unconstitutional, Upholds Constitutional Sovereignty(08.12.2016)

Allahabad High Court, while declaring “triple talaq" as unconstitutional, has said that it violates rights of Muslim women and has observed that "No.....

Tags : Allahabad HC, Triple Talaq, Unconstitutional, Constitution

SC Strikes Down Law Allowing Kerala to Annul Arbitration Clause and Arbitration Awards(05.05.2022)

Supreme Court has struck down the Kerala Revocation of Arbitration Clauses and Reopening of Awards Act, 1998, saying it was “unconstitutional” as it v.....

Tags : Supreme Court , separation of powers, unconstitutional, arbitral awards, arbitration clause

Delhi HC Criminalizes Marital Rape; Holds Exception 2 Of Section 375 IPC Unconstitutional(11.05.2022)

Delhi High Court has passed a split verdict challenging the Exception 2 of Section 375 of Indian Penal Code, 1860, exempting forceful sexual intercour.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Section 375 , sexual intercourse, marital rape, unconstitutional

SC Declares Section 3(2) of Benami Transactions Prohibition Act as Unconstitutional(23.08.2022)

Supreme Court has held that Section 3(2) of the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act 1988 as unconstitutional on the ground of being manifestly arbit.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Benami Transaction, Unconstitutional

Telangana HC Holds Telangana Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Act, 2017 to be Unconstitutional(15.07.2022)

Telangana High Court has held that the Telangana Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Act, 2017 is unconstitutional.

Tags : Telangana High Court, Value Added Tax, Unconstitutional

SC: Question of Constitutional Validity Cannot be Dealt in a Casual/Cryptic Manner(29.07.2022)

Supreme Court while setting aside Karnataka High Court judgment which held Section 20 of Karnataka Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act, 1973 as.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Karnataka High Court, Unconstitutional

SC: 100% Reservation for Local Residents in Scheduled Areas Unconstitutional(03.08.2022)

Supreme Court has held that 100% reservation provided for the local residents in scheduled area would be violative of Article 16(2) of the Constitutio.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Reservation, Unconstitutional

Raj. HC: Setting Different Retirement Age for Allopathic & Ayurvedic Doctors Unconstitutional(04.10.2022)

Rajasthan High Court has held that distinction created between Allopathic and Ayurvedic doctors by setting different retirement ages, is unconstitutio.....

Tags : Rajasthan High Court, Unconstitutional, Retirement Age

SC Astounded by Plea to Declare Fundamental Rights as Unconstitutional(11.10.2022)

Supreme Court while rejecting a petition seeking a declaration that the Fundamental Rights enshrined in Part III of the Constitution were ultra vires .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Fundamental Rights, Unconstitutional

MP HC: Provision Requiring Inter-Faith Couples to Declare Conversion Before DM is Unconstitutional(18.11.2022)

Madhya Pradesh High Court has held that Section 10 of MP Freedom of Religion Act, 2021 which requires a person desiring to convert religion to give a .....

Tags : Madhya Pradesh High Court, Freedom of Religion, Unconstitutional

Deduction of 50% of Wages From Prisoners Unconstitutional: Madras HC(07.02.2019)

Madras High Court has held that Rule 481 of Tamil Nadu Prison Rules, 1983 is unconstitutional to the extent it provides for deduction of 50% of the wa.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Deduction of 50% of Wages From Prisoners Unconstitutional

Supreme Court Issues Directions to Enforce Shreya Singhal Judgment(13.10.2022)

Supreme Court while directing that no one should be prosecuted under Section 66A of Information Technology Act 2000, which was struck down as unconsti.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Shreya Singhal, Unconstitutional

Canadian SC: Mandatory and Lifetime Registration on Sex Offender Registry is Unconstitutional(31.10.2022)

Supreme Court of Canada has held the country's mandatory and lifetime registration on the sex offender registry is unconstitutional.

Tags : Supreme Court of Canada, Sex Offender Registry, Unconstitutional

Delhi HC Declares Section 22(3) of Competition Act Unconstitutional(15.04.2019)

Delhi High Court has declared Section 22(3) of the Competition Act, 2002 as unconstitutional and void.

Tags : Delhi High Court, Competition Act, Unconstitutional

SC Strikes Down Section 10(26AAA) Income Tax Act as Unconstitutional(16.01.2023)

Supreme Court while striking down exemption provision under Section 10(26AAA) Income Tax Act as unconstitutional for excluding Sikkimese woman because.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Section 10(26AAA) Income Tax Act, Unconstitutional, Sikkimese woman

Delhi HC: Virginity Test is Unconstitutional(08.02.2023)

Delhi High Court while observing that virginity test is “sexist” and violates human right to dignity has held that virginity test conducted on an accu.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Virginity Test, Unconstitutional

Chhattisgarh HC: 100% Reservation for Women is Unconstitutional(13.03.2023)

Chhattisgarh High Court has declared Note-2 under Schedule-III of Chhattisgarh Medical Education Service Recruitment Rules, 2013 & consequent advertis.....

Tags : Chhattisgarh High Court, Unconstitutional, Chhattisgarh Medical Education (Gazetted) Service Recruitment Rules

SC Stays Cg. HC’s Order Declaring 58% Reservation in Jobs & Admissions as Unconstitutional(02.05.2023)

Supreme Court has stayed Chhattisgarh (Cg) High Court’s order declaring the state government’s move of giving 58 per cent reservation as ‘unconstituti.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Reservation, Jobs & Admissions, Unconstitutional

Delhi HC: When Provision Declared Unconstitutional, It Does Not Get Repealed or Wiped Out(02.08.2021)

Delhi High Court has held that when a provision is declared unconstitutional, it does not get repealed or wiped out; if the defects are cured through .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Provision Declared Unconstitutional

Telangana HC Strikes Down Ennuchs Act as Unconstitutional(10.07.2023)

Telangana High Court while striking down the Telangana Eunuchs Act, 1329 Fasli, as unconstitutional, observed that the statute is an intrusion into pr.....

Tags : Telangana High Court, Ennuchs Act, Unconstitutional

Raj HC to State: Provide Details of Curriculum & Management of Madrasas(18.07.2023)

Rajasthan High Court while hearing a PIL to declare the enactment of Rajasthan Madarsa Board Act, 2020, as unconstitutional, has directed State Govern.....

Tags : Rajasthan High Court, Madrasa, PIL, Unconstitutional

Mad. HC: Developing Hatredness Towards Trans-Genders in Locality is Unconstitutional(18.08.2023)

Madras High Court has observed that the act of Panchayat president seeking cancellation of land granted by Government to transpersons in the locality .....

Tags : Madras High Court, Trans-Genders, Land, Unconstitutional

SC: 2014 Judgment Declaring Section 6A of DSPE Act as Unconstitutional has Retrospective Effect(11.09.2023)

Supreme Court has held that declaration made in Subramanian Swamy v. Union of India (MANU/SC/0417/2014), as to the unconstitutionality of Section 6A o.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Section 6A, DSPE Act, Unconstitutional, Retrospective Effect

Delhi High Court: Cannot Compromise Individual’s Right to Use His or Her Name for Own Goods(11.03.2024)

Delhi High Court has held that an individual’s right to use his/her name for their own goods cannot be compromised as it would result in infringement .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Identity Marker, Unconstitutional

Madras High Court Strikes Down Section 32(2) Of Benami Transaction Act as Unconstitutional(05.04.2022)

Madras High Court has declared that Section 32(2) of the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, 1988 as unconstitutional and directed the go.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Section 32(2) of the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, 1988, unconstitutional.

Kerala HC: Amounts Collected From Persons Based on Unconstitutional Levy Entitled to Refund(28.04.2022)

Kerala High Court has held that persons from whom a fee was collected under a State Circular calling for applications for use of unnotified land for o.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, fee, State Circular, unconstitutional

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