Del. HC: Mere Global Reputation Not Sufficient to Answer Claim of Transborder Reputation  ||  Bom. HC: Trial Court can Compound Offence u/s 138 NI Act at Initial Stage w/o Consent of Complainant  ||  Ker. HC: Title of Property Can’t be Determined Merely with Reference to Survey Demarcation  ||  Del. HC: Directions for Investigation Cannot be Given by the Magistrate Mechanically  ||  SC Refers 'Asian Resurfacing' Judgment to 5-Judge Bench  ||  All. HC: S.388 Allows Appeal Against Order of Inferior Court to District Judge  ||  SC: Copy of Insufficiently Stamped Document Can’t be Adduced as Secondary Evidence  ||  SC: Judicial Independence can be Ensured as Long as Judges Live with a Sense of Financial Dignity  ||  Cal. HC: Situation of Rape Victim Being a Sterling Witness Can’t be Considered to be Universal  ||  Ker. HC: Elected Party Members Supporting Opposite Party are Liable for Disqualification    

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International Cases

A dealer may trade in firearms and ammunition only on premises specified in the dealer’s licence(24.05.2023)

The issue before the Supreme court is whether Regulation 67 of the Firearm Control Regulations entitles one firearms’ dealer to store firearms at its .....

Tags : Firearms, Regulation, Storage


SC: Hawker Can't Claim Right to Leave Goods & Wares Overnight at Hawking Place(15.04.2022)

Supreme Court has observed that any hawker can be permitted to hawk in the market only as per the hawking policy and not against the same. The Court h.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Hawker, Rights, Storage of Goods, Hawking Place

Honda Books Patent for Storage Device(23.05.2016)

Honda has booked a patent for an article storage structure to accommodate articles in a leg shield, in a scooter-type vehicle.

Tags : Honda , patent, Storage Device

SC: Storage Facility for Edible Oil Not Allowed Outside Port Area(03.02.2023)

Supreme Court while observing that word ‘within’ used for CRZ-I and ‘in’ used for CRZ-II in the CRZ Notification of 2011 cannot be interpreted to incl.....

Tags : Supreme Court, CRZ, Storage Facility, Edible Oil

NGT Gives Approval to Yamuna Water Storage Project(26.07.2019)

National Green Tribunal (NGT) has given its nod to the Delhi Government’s project of storage of water at Yamuna floodplains, thus paving the way for t.....

Tags : NGT, Yamuna Water Storage

Gujarat HC Says, AC Room is Not Cold Storage(29.10.2015)

Gujarat HC while putting end to 24 years litigation has declared that air conditioner makes room cool and would not turn it into a cold storage. The i.....

Tags : Gujarat HC, ESI court, cold storage

Del. HC: Remedy of Arbitration Not Excluded from U.P Regulation of Cold Storages Act(13.10.2023)

Delhi High Court has held that Uttar Pradesh Regulations of Cold Storage Act 1976 does not provide any special right, remedy or procedure that cannot .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Arbitration, Cold Storages Act

Notifications & Circulars

Information regarding guidelines for handling and storage of valuable goods that are seized/confiscated by the Department(15.10.2018)

Attention is invited to Board's Instruction dated 01.12.2015 on the above mentioned subject. The Central Vigilance Commission, while discussing the re.....

Tags : Guidelines, Storage, Valuable goods

Restriction on Storage of Actual Card Data [i.e. Card-on-File](28.07.2022)

1. Reference is invited to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) circulars DPSS.CO.PD.No.1810/02.14.008/2019-20 dated March 17, 2020 and CO.DPSS.POLC.No.S33/02-.....

Tags : Restriction, Storage, Actual Card Data

Specified goods when stored in warehouse within ambit of Customs Act, 1962(11.01.2016)

The Ministry of Finance has specified goods that will attract provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 when deposited in a warehouse. The list comprises va.....

Tags : Fuel, spirits, crude, nitrogen, storage, customs act

Restriction on storage of actual card data(23.12.2021)

1. In terms of our circular DPSS.CO.PD.No.1810/02.14.008/2019-20 dated March 17, 2020 on "Guidelines on Regulation of Payment Aggregators and Payment .....

Tags : Restriction, Storage, Card data

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