Del. HC: Accrual of Cause of Action at a Place is not a Consideration for Determining Jurisdiction  ||  Mad. HC to State: Prevent use of Stickers such as ‘Police’ or ‘GOI’ on Private Vehicles  ||  Bom. HC: Magistrate Needn’t Provide Additional Reasons for Amount of Interim Compensation Awarded  ||  Del. HC: ‘THEOBROMA’ is Free to Expand its Outlets Across the Country  ||  Ker. HC: Detention Order Under KAPPA 2007 must be Confirmed Within 3 Months from Date of Execution  ||  Kar. HC: Not Every False Statement Made in Court Must be Subject to Prosecution  ||  Ker. HC: Roads are Ordinarily Deserted During Night; Likelihood of Causing Death by Accident is Less  ||  Del. HC: Severity of Offence Can’t Disentitle Foreigner to Get Parole for Filing SLP  ||  Cal. HC: Can’t Compound Proceedings u/s 138 NI Act at Revision Stage Without Complainant’s Consent  ||  Bom. HC: There Should be Some Accountability Fixed on Courts in Cases of Prolonged Incarceration    

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In exceptional cases, college/University authorities are competent to make appointment of eligible and suitable persons against such posts, without seeking prior approval of State Government(10.05.2018)

The present writ application is being filed to declare that, since these Petitioners were appointed in the year 1981 and joined on 27th July 1981 on t.....

Tags : Posts, Seniority, Grant

It was for employee to know rule, Department is not expected to advise employee about how seniority will be fixed or about the rota-quota rule(15.03.2019)

In instant case, Respondent No. 4 approached the Central Administrative Tribunal, by way of Original Application. It was the case on behalf of Respond.....

Tags : Rota-quota Rule, Promotion, Seniority

Seniority of promotees is determined on the basis of date of appointment(26.11.2020)

Present appeals challenge the common judgment of the Rajasthan High Court. The Division Bench of the High Court by the impugned judgment set aside an .....

Tags : Promotees, Seniority, Entitlement

Interse placement of candidates selected through LCE must be based on merit and not on the basis of seniority(12.08.2021)

The Petitioners are Members of the Higher Judicial Services working as District Judges in the State of Madhya Pradesh. They were appointed to the High.....

Tags : Merits, Seniority, Eligibility

Retrospective seniority cannot be claimed from a date when an employee is not even borne in service(28.09.2021)

Present appeal is directed against the judgment and order of the High Court. The issue to be answered here is whether the Respondent is entitled to cl.....

Tags : Seniority, Grant, Legality


Madras High Court Strikes Down Rules on Fixation of Seniority Based on Reservation in Promotions(18.11.2019)

Madras High Court has directed the State Government to redo the exercise of fixation of seniority in state appointments after finding the fixation of .....

Tags : Madras High Court, Seniority

NCLAT Clears Way for Liquidation of Amtek Auto(19.08.2019)

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) has directed asked the Chandigarh Bench of National Company Law Tribunal to proceed with the liquidati.....

Tags : Apex Court, Seniority

SC: Centre Disrupts Judges' Seniority by Splitting Up Collegium Resolutions(29.11.2022)

Supreme Court has criticized the Centre’s practice of splitting up the Collegium Resolutions by approving some names from the recommendation and withh.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Collegium, Seniority

Madras HC: Settled Seniority Cannot be Unsettled After Lapse of Several Years(14.06.2022)

Madras High Court while dismissing police inspector’s plea for retrospective promotion, has held that settled positions cannot be unsettled after a la.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Retrospective Promotion, Seniority

Date of Joining Irrelevant in Fixing Seniority of Direct Recruits: Supreme Court(04.10.2018)

Supreme Court has recast the seniority list of Punjab Superior Judicial Officers by acting on an appeal filed by the Punjab & Haryana High Court and o.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Seniority List

SC: Seniority of Direct Recruits & Promotees has to be Determined as Per Service Rules(14.11.2022)

Supreme Court has held that seniority of direct recruits and promotees in a particular service has to be determined as per the service rules.

Tags : Supreme Court, Seniority, Service Rules

Apex Court: Seniority Cannot be Asserted from Date of Initial Appointment as Ad-Hoc District Judges(19.08.2019)

Apex Court has ruled that the District Judges who previously served as ad-hoc District Judges cannot claim seniority from the date of their initial ap.....

Tags : Apex Court, Seniority

Madras HC: Inter-se Seniority Among Civil Judges Cannot be Fixed on Basis of Roster System(04.08.2021)

Madras High Court has held that the inter-se seniority among civil judges (junior division) cannot be fixed on the basis of 200-point roster system fo.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Inter-se Seniority Among Civil Judges

Apex Court Issues Notice on Plea Seeking Reckoning of Seniority from Initial Date of Appointment(13.09.2019)

Apex Court has issued notice on a special leave petition seeking reckoning of seniority of ‘Ad-hoc’ Judges in Gujarat from the initial date of appoin.....

Tags : Apex Court, Seniority

Punjab and Haryana High Court: Merit and Ability Supersede Seniority for Promotions(02.09.2019)

Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that suitability of an employee for promotion is to be determined on basis of merit-cum-seniority and not seni.....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana High Court, Seniority

Mere fact of no proportionate representation in promotional posts for population of SCs and STs is not enough to grant consequential seniority to promotees(09.02.2017)

Instant appeals involve the question of validity of Karnataka Determination of Seniority of Government Servants Promoted on Basis of Reservation (To t.....

Tags : Seniority, Promotion, Provisions, Validity

Delhi HC: Temporary Official Appointed on Work Charge Basis Can’t Claim Seniority for Such Period(16.09.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that a temporary official, who is purely appointed on daily rated or work charge basis for specific period to do a specific .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Temporary Official, Daily Rated, Seniority

SC: Inter-Se Seniority Among Candidates Who Pass LCE Must Be Based on Merit(30.04.2020)

Supreme Court has held that in the seniority list of District Judges, the inter-se seniority between candidates who passed the Limited Competitive Exa.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Seniority Among Candidates Who Pass LCE

SC: Service as Ad-hoc Judge Not Considered for Elevation as High Court Judges(24.02.2023)

Supreme Court has held that when the appellants were not appointed to any regular posts in the Andhra Pradesh Judicial Service, appellants cannot clai.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Ad-hoc Judge, Seniority

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