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Non-payment of a part of the sale price would not affect the validity of the sale(09.07.2020)

The present Civil Appeal has been filed to challenge the impugned Judgment passed by a Division Bench of the Gujarat High Court, which affirmed the Or.....

Tags : Sale deed, Registration, Validity

True nature of document has to be determined in facts of each case; precedents, in abundance, will not suffice alone(24.10.2017)

The Plaintiff's suit for redemption of mortgage, decreed by the trial Court and affirmed in first appeal, having been reversed by the High Court, the .....

Tags : Document, Nature, Sale deed, Option to repurchase

‘Undue influence’ in execution of a contract cannot be inferred merely because a family member was looking after his family elder(11.09.2019)

In present matter, the Plaintiff and Defendant No. 2 are brothers. Defendant No. 1 was the wife of Defendant No. 2. Respondents Nos. 1 to 3 are sons o.....

Tags : Sale deed, Execution, Undue Influence

An under-raiyat is prohibited from transferring his interest as under-raiyat in any land though this interest is a heritable interest(08.12.2017)

Ramkrishna Datta, Dhirendra Chandra Ghosh and Lalit Mohan Ghosh, filed a suit in the trial court for declaration of their title on the suit land with .....

Tags : Sale deed, Execution, Raiyat, Rights

Only because signature of one of parties is missing in a document, it cannot be concluded that such person did not join in execution of instrument(10.04.2018)

The question arises in present appeal is, as to whether a registered sale deed which does not bear signature of the vendor at the place where his name.....

Tags : Sale Deed, Execution, Validity


ITAT: Nature of Land Sold is to be Ascertained Based on Sale Deed Executed(27.07.2022)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), Delhi Bench has held that the nature of land sold is to be ascertained based on the sale deed executed.

Tags : ITAT, Land, Sale Deed

Madras High Court: Registration of Sale Deed Cannot Be Refused Summarily(10.04.2017)

Madras High Court has made it clear that registration authorities cannot simply refuse to register a sale deed merely on ground that it was objected t.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Sale Deed

SC Delivers Split Verdict on Issue ‘Is Non-Production of Power of Attorney Fatal to Title Suit?’(16.01.2023)

Supreme Court Division Bench has delivered a split verdict in a plea pertaining to the issue that when a sale deed is executed on the strength of a de.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Sale Deed, Power of Attorney, Title Suit

HP HC: Sale Deed is Relevant Factor in Determining Compensation(14.03.2023)

Himachal Pradesh High Court has held that while determining value of the land, both acquisition of land award and the sale are relevant to determine t.....

Tags : Himachal Pradesh High Court, Compensation, Sale Deed

Bombay HC Allows Correction in Sale Deed After Thirty-Eight Years(16.03.2023)

Bombay High Court while observing that Court under Section 151 and 152 of CPC has power to rectify errors has allowed corrections to be made in a sale.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Sale Deed, CPC

SC: Validity of Sale Deed Executed b/w co-defs. Can’t be Decided in Plaintiff’s Suit for Possession(08.05.2023)

Supreme Court has held that in plaintiff’s suit for possession, validity of sale deed executed between the defendants cannot be considered as it would.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Sale Deed, Validity, Co-Defendants

SC: Contract Containing Condition of right to Repurchase in Sale Deed is Enforceable(05.07.2023)

Supreme Court has held that condition of right to repurchase in sale deed will not be personal to the vendor unless the terms in the documents specifi.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Sale Deed, Repurchase, Enforceable

Madras HC Makes Production of Life Certificates of Principal Landowners Must for Registration(02.12.2015)

Madras HC has upheld authority of Inspector General of Registration (IGR) to issue circular instructing Sub-Registrars across State to insist on produ.....

Tags : Madras HC ,Inspector General of Registration , sale deeds for registration

Karnataka HC Quashes Absolute Sale Deed Registered in Violation of KHB Rules(01.10.2021)

Karnataka High Court has quashed an absolute sale deed registered in violation of rules by the Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) in respect of a civic ame.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Absolute Sale Deed

SC: Unilateral Cancellation of Registered Sale Deed Can't be an Anticipatory Bail Condition(20.09.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that a registered sale deed cannot be cancelled unilaterally by one party to the said document in purported compliance of t.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Cancellation of Registered Sale Deed

Karnataka HC: State To Make Corrections in Website to Enable Uploading of Sale Deeds(08.11.2021)

Karnataka High Court has directed the State government to make necessary changes/ corrections in the website to enable uploading of registered sale de.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Uploading of Sale Deeds

SC: Registered Sale Deed Where Entire Consideration is Paid Would Operate from Date of Execution(04.01.2024)

Supreme Court while observing that as per Section 47 of Registration Act, a registered sale deed where entire consideration is paid would operate from.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Registration Act, Section 47, Sale Deed

SC: Section 32, Registration Act Does Not Require the Presence of Parties During Registration of Sale(27.01.2020)

Supreme Court has observed that Section 32 of the Registration Act, 1908, does not require the presence of both parties to a deed of sale when the sam.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Registration of Sale Deed

SC: Sale Deed Executed Without Payment of Price Is Void; Has No Legal Effect(23.11.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that the payment of price is an essential part of a sale. The Court has said that if a sale deed in respect of an immovable.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Sale Deed Executed Without Payment

Registering Authority Cannot Cancel/Set Aside An Already Registered Sale Deed: Allahabad HC(28.05.2018)

Allahabad High Court has held that a registered sale deed cannot be cancelled or set aside by registering authority or by any authority invoking admin.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Sale Deed

Madras HC: No Registration of Sale Deed in Unauthorised Layouts(12.09.2016)

Madras HC, while seeking to prevent further development of unauthorised layouts and conversion of agricultural areas for non-agriculture use in an unp.....

Tags : Madras HC, Sale Deed

SC: Second Sale Deed Can’t be Executed Over Same Plot while First Sale Deed is Pending Registration(22.07.2024)

Supreme Court has held that another sale deed cannot be executed by a vendor if the first sale deed with regard to the same property is pending regist.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Sale Deed, Registration

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