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If there is use of the design or supplies or advertising, within the jurisdiction of the Court, territorial jurisdiction cannot be disputed(04.07.2023)

The present suit by the Plaintiff-Escorts Ltd. is for a decree of permanent injunction restraining the Defendants from manufacturing, using or in any .....

Tags : Decree, Permanent injunction, Jurisdiction

Permanent injunction shall be granted if pleading in written statement is not only a mis-statement but clearly constitutes mis-representation to the Court(05.08.2019)

The Plaintiff has filed the present suit seeking permanent injunction, restraining infringement of its registered trademarks, dilution, damages, rendi.....

Tags : Misrepresentation, Permanent injunction, Grant


Delhi HC Grants Permanent Injunction Along With ?3 Lacs Compensation in Trademark Infringement Suit(23.05.2022)

Delhi High Court while dealing with a trademark infringement suit filed by Cable News Network (CNN) news channel has granted a permanent injunction ag.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, CNN News, Permanent Injunction, Trademark Injunction

SC: Suit for Permanent Injunction is Not Maintainable Against True Owner of Property(04.03.2022)

Supreme Court has observed that a suit for permanent injunction is not maintainable against the true owner of the property when the dispute with respe.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Suit for Permanent Injunction

Delhi HC Grants Permanent Injunction Against Now Banned Club Factory Website(29.03.2022)

Delhi High Court has decided permanent injunction against a China based portal, Club Factory, that was banned amid pandemic by the Indian Government, .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Trademark Infringement, Permanent Injunction, Club Factory

Delhi HC Grants Permanent Injunction In Trademark Infringement Suit Against ANINEWSINDIA(30.03.2022)

Delhi High Court has granted permanent injunction against ANINEWSINDIA in a trademark infringement suit filed by news agency ANI. The Court has injun.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, permanent injunction, ANINEWSINDIA, ANI, trademark infringement

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