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Patent application pendency numbers(25.04.2016)

Patent Offices in four Indian metros released numbers on application pendency in the country. Awaiting examination and disposal are a total of 2,37,67.....

Tags : Patents, application pendency, india


Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2015(19.11.2015)

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has released draft Rules amending Patent Rules, 2003. Suggestions and objections on the draft Rules are being re.....

Tags : Patent, rules, draft amendment, 2015

International Cases

A "scintilla of invention" remains sufficient in Australian law to support patent validity(17.08.2016)

Present Matter related to patent application in name of Britax Childcare Pty Ltd (Applicant). A notice of opposition was filed by Dorel Australia Pty .....

Tags : Patent, Grant, Inventive step

Cisco found to not have infringed patent(28.12.2015)

The United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit ruled in favour of Cisco Systems in a patent dispute regarding improvements in wireless netw.....

Tags : Patent, wireless communication, handoff, reversal

If the testimony provided by an expert is consistent with the infringement action then the infringement is liable to be proven(03.11.2017)

The background against which the instant Appeals have been filed is that InterDigital Communications, Inc.; InterDigital Technology Corp.; IPR Licensi.....

Tags : Patents, Infringement, Expert

Blast from the Past

Warranting appeal from decision of a Single Judge(10.09.1952)

Whether a High Court can sit in appeal against an order passed under Article 226 of the Constitution of India by a Single Judge of the same court has .....

Tags : Single judge, appeal, maintainability, letters patent


In the instant case the Apple group of companies is involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of various mobile communication and media device.....

Tags : Jurisdiction, Exhaustion, Patent

AI Machine cannot be granted a Patent since it does not qualify as an inventor as per the Patent laws(27.07.2021)

The appellant has pursued this matter to address his grievance regarding the failure of two patent applications designating an artificial intelligence.....

Tags : Patent, Inventor, AI Machine

Apple loses patent battle for mobile processors but pays less than expected(16.10.2015)

A jury in Wisconsin has found Apple guilty of infringing patents owned by Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, or WARF. It awarded WARF $234 million .....

Tags : Apple, patent, lose, warf, processor, iphone, ipad, million, damages

Notifications & Circulars

CSIR bags National Intellectual Property (IP) Award 2018 in the category Top R and D Institution / Organization for Patents and Commercialization(26.04.2018)

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is awarded the National Intellectual Property (IP) Award 2018 in the category "Top R&D Instit.....

Tags : CSIR, Award, Organization, Patents

Patent filing figures and trends(20.07.2016)

The Minister for Science and Technology, Y.S. Chowdary, released figures for patent filings in the country.

The number of patents filed in .....

Tags : patents, filed, foreign applicants

Three Patents filed by NMPB, MoA as part of sponsored research projects(24.02.2021)

The National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB), Ministry of AYUSH has initiated a special drive to identify the patentable projects which were / are spons.....

Tags : Patents, filing of, NNPB

Patent fees for educational institutions reduced by 80 percent(23.09.2021)

In a yet another significant push towards Mission Aatmanirbhar Bharat, benefits related to 80 Percent reduced fee for patent filing & prosecution have.....

Tags : Patent Fee, Patents (Amendment) Rules

Comptroller General reiterates exclusion of software from patent regime(19.02.2016)

The Comptroller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks showed its intention to continue disallowing the grant of patents on software. In its repor.....

Tags : Patent, software program, copyright

Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2016(16.05.2016)

The Central Government introduced a comprehensive reworking of the Patents Rules 2003.

Emphasis is on offering faster patent registration s.....

Tags : Patent rules, startup, expedite, fee


Ground of patent illegality is available under the statute for setting aside a domestic award, if decision of arbitrator is perverse(22.05.2020)

In the facts of present case, learned sole arbitrator has passed the arbitral award dated 29th March, 2016 in respect of Package-I holding. Similar De.....

Tags : Award, Patent illegality, Arbitrator

Erroneous application of law cannot be categorised as patent illegality(06.01.2023)

Appellant by way of present Appeal under Section 37 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Arbitration Act) impugns judgment, whereby the obje.....

Tags : Objections, Award, Patent illegality

Right to oppose an application for grant of a patent is a valuable right, and cannot be permitted to be defeated on technical considerations(12.12.2022)

Present petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, 1950 assails order passed by the Patent Office, whereby Patent No. 363697 has been gr.....

Tags : Patent, Grant, Legality

Delhi High Court rules in favour of Merck for its diabetes drug(07.10.2015)

The Delhi High Court restrained Glenmark from selling any drug containing Sitagliptin or its derivate. Sitagliptin is the active ingredient used in ‘J.....

Tags : Glenmark, merck, patent, diabetes

Court restricts iBall from importing mobiles, handsets and other devices(02.09.2015)

Ericsson was successful in its plaint alleging infringement of its patents by several mobile devices imported by and sold as iBall products. Some of t.....

Tags : Mobile, patent, speech, codec

High Court finds in favour of Hoffmann-La Roche(27.11.2015)

The Delhi High Court allowed La Roche’s appeal for grant of injunction against Cipla with regard to infringement of patent, ‘IN ’774’, which was claim.....

Tags : Patent, la roche, cipla, inventiveness, obviousness


Google Loses Patent Claim over Invention on Improving Online Ads With Audio(25.09.2015)

Google has lost patent claim over an invention titled ‘improved advertising with audio content’ as the company allegedly failed to satisfy objections .....

Tags : Google ,Patent Claim

Patent Office Rejects Application for Genentech's Cancer Drug(28.09.2015)

Patent Office, Delhi has rejected patent application of Genentech Inc, a biotechnology corporation, for a treatment with Anti-VEGF Antibodies, a drug.....

Tags : Patent,Genentech's Cancer Drug

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada Faculty Wins Fourth Patent for Microbes(30.09.2015)

JNTUK faculty, Ramesh Malothu, has achieved fourth patent on Microbial Type Culture Collection and Gene Bank (MTCC) microbial culture deposition on ‘M.....

Tags : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada Faculty ,Fourth Patent for Microbes,Ramesh Malothu

Microsoft, Google Settels Patent War(01.10.2015)

Microsoft Corp and Google Inc have agreed to settle all 18 cases under patent infringement litigation against each other in United States and Germany.

Tags : Microsoft Corp , Google Inc ,Patent

Cipher, Ranbaxy Settle Patent Dispute with Actavis over Absorica(06.10.2015)

Cipher Pharma Inc, along with partners Ranbaxy - a Sun Pharma firm - and Galephar Pharmaceutical Research, has entered into a patent litigation settle.....

Tags : Cipher, Ranbaxy , Absorica patent

Indian Patent Office Grants Pfizer Patent for Pneumonia Vaccine(23.08.2017)

India’s Patent Office has granted US pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. a patent for its pneumonia vaccine Prevnar 13, despite opposition from the hea.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office, Pfizer, Pneumonia

Delhi High Court: No Infringement Action Valid in Respect of Unregistered or Revoked Patent(22.08.2019)

Delhi High Court has dismissed the claim of Novartis seeking injunction against Natco Pharma from manufacturing a cancer drug. The Court ruled that th.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent

Kerala Inventor, MC David Books Patent for His Innovative Portable Mosquito Net System(10.10.2016)

MC David has got an Indian patent for his design to develop a life saving device, a portable light-weight mosquito net with inflatable support system .....

Tags : MC David , patent , mosquito net

Apple Wins Appeal Reinstating $120 Million Patent Win over Samsung(10.10.2016)

A US federal appeals court has reinstated a $120 million jury award for Apple Inc against Samsung, marking the latest twist in the fierce patent war b.....

Tags : Samsung, Appeal , Patent

Delhi HC: If Party's Intention Not to Abandon Patent Application, HC May Extend Time to File FER(16.06.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that High Court can grant an extension in filing a response to an First Examination Reports (FER), given that the applicant .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent, FER

Neuron Bio Gets Patent in US for Molecules with Neuroprotective Capacity(28.09.2016)

Neuron Bio has obtained patent from US Patent Office for a family of molecules with high Neuroprotective Capacity with possible application in treatme.....

Tags : Neuron Bio , US Patent

Beijing Intellectual Property Court Rules Patent Lawsuit in Favor of LG Innotek(29.09.2016)

LG Innotek, a parts-making unit of LG Group, has won a patent suit against Japanese electric motor-maker Nidec Corporation in case related to infringe.....

Tags : LG Innotek, Patent

Skype Gets Patent for an Invention on Faster Communication System(20.09.2016)

Microsoft owned Skype, has secured an Indian patent for an invention relating to a system and method for minimizing the load on a message server, whic.....

Tags : skpe, patent

Novartis Books Indian Patent for Skin Cancer Drug ‘Tafinlar’(21.09.2016)

Novartis AG has secured an Indian patent for its skin cancer drug Tafinlar, used in treatment of metastatic melanoma- the most serious and life-threat.....

Tags : Novartis, Patent, Tafinlar

Welspun Secures 'Interactive Textile Article and Augmented Reality System' Patent(26.09.2016)

Welspun India has secured 'Interactive Textile Article and Augmented Reality System' patent which protects the company's new product line TILT." The .....

Tags : Welspun India, patent

Delhi HC: Specifications of Invention Before & After Amendment Need Not Be Identical(07.07.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that amendments to a patent specification or claims prior to grant ought to be construed more liberally than narrowly, and o.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent Specification, Inconsistent

Delhi HC to Controller General: Ensure Recommendation Are Duly Signed by Members of Opposition Board(11.07.2022)

Delhi High Court has directed the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks (CGPDTM) to ensure that the recommendations are duly signed b.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Controller General of Patents, Recommendations

Delhi HC: Appeal Against Orders of Patent Office Would Lie Before High Court(11.11.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that after enactment of Tribunal Reforms Act 2021, appeals challenging order of Patent Office would lie before concerned Hig.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent Office, Appeal

U.S. Court of Appeals Affirmes that Everlight Electronics Have Infringed Three Nichia Patents(15.05.2017)

United States Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit has affirmed a District Court decision holding that Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. and Everlight A.....

Tags : U.S. Court of Appeals, Nichia Patents

US Supreme Court Tightens Patent Lawsuit Rules to Stop ‘Patent Trolls’(25.05.2017)

U.S. Supreme Court, while tightening rules for where patent lawsuits can be filed, has overturned a 2016 ruling by U.S. Court of Appeals for Federal C.....

Tags : U.S. Supreme Court, patent

US Supreme Court Rules Lexmark Can’t Sue Toner-Cartridge Fillers for Patent Infringement(31.05.2017)

US Supreme Court has reaffirmed that patent-holders cannot keep their rights over a product once they sell it, ruling against a large printer maker in.....

Tags : US Supreme Court, Patent Infringement, Toner-Cartridge

Indian Patent Office Refuses Invention-Related Application of Facebook(08.07.2019)

Indian Patent Office has declined an application filed by Facebook related to an invention, alleging that it is it patentable under Section 3(k) of th.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office, Facebook

Del. HC: Foreign Jurisprudence on Standard Essential Patent has to be Adapted(31.03.2023)

Delhi High Court has observed that foreign jurisprudence on Standard Essential Patent (SEP) has to be adapted in Indian realities as India’s judge pop.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Standard Essential Patent, Foreign Jurisprudence

Google Secures Indian Patent(31.07.2015)

Google has got Indian patent for an invention regarding a method and system for transferring annotations associated with video files. zone.

Tags : google, patent, annotations

Del. HC: Need Re-Look at Exclusions in Section 3(K) of Patents Act(15.05.2023)

Delhi High Court has observed that there is need to relook at exclusions in Section 3(k) of Patents Act, 1970, in view of the growing innovations, as .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patents Act, Parliamentary Committee Report, Innovations

Delhi HC Restrains Glenmark Pharmaceuticals from Manufacturing, Selling Zita and Zita-Met(07.10.2015)

Delhi High Court has restrained Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, an Indian firm, from manufacturing and selling its anti-diabetes drugs Zita and Zita-Met, sa.....

Tags : Delhi High Court,Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Merck Sharp and Dohme, patent

Apple Inc Gets India Patent for Tunable Antenna(08.10.2015)

Apple Inc has got Indian patent for its invention regarding a compact tunable antenna used in mobile phones and other hand-held devices. The invention.....

Tags : Apple Inc ,Patent for Tunable Antenna

Australia Court Rules Breast Cancer Gene Patent Cannot be Granted(08.10.2015)

Australia's High Court has ruled that a gene which greatly increases the chances of breast and ovarian cancer cannot be patented. A US medical researc.....

Tags : Australia Court , Breast Cancer Gene Patent

Apple Loses Patent Suit to WARF(14.10.2015)

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) sued Apple in January 2014 alleging infringement of its 1998 patent for improving chip efficiency and US j.....

Tags : Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Apple, patent

Suven Life Gets Patent Registered for Neuro-Degenerative Drug(14.10.2015)

Drug firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted patent by Australia, China, Europe, South Korea and the US for a drug used in the treatment of neuro-de.....

Tags : Suven Life , Patent , Neuro-Degenerative Drug

Natco Settles Patent Dispute with Gilead in a US Court(15.12.2015)

Natco Pharma along with its partner Alvogen has settled the patent infringement suit with Gilead Sciences Inc. and others over “Tamiflu” in a US court.....

Tags : Natco Pharma , Alvogen, Tamiflu, Patent Dispute

Apple Wins Patent War Against Samsung in US Appeals Court(18.09.2015)

US Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit in Washington, DC has ruled that lower court abused its discretion when it denied Apple injunction against Sam.....

Tags : Apple,patent , Samsung

Delhi HC Looks for Govt’s Response on PIL Seeking Strict Compliance of Patent Laws(18.09.2015)

Delhi High Court has sought Government’s response on PIL seeking strict compliance of patent laws, including disclosure of information on commercial w.....

Tags : Delhi High Court ,Patent Laws,Government

Patent Office Rejects AcelRX's Application for Nanotab Sufentanil(18.09.2015)

Indian Patent Office has refused patent application of US-based AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc, for a nanotab sufentanil,which is supposed to be adminis.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office ,AcelRX,Nanotab Sufentanil

Hospira Books Indian Patent for ‘An Improved Process for the Preparation of Cilastatin’(19.10.2015)

US-based Hospira, now a subsidiary of pharma major Pfizer Inc, has secured an Indian patent for an improved process for preparation of Cilastatin -par.....

Tags : Hospira, patent,Cilastatin

Indian Patent Office Disallows Patent for Boehringer Ingelheim’s HIV Drug, Nevirapine(21.10.2015)

Indian Patent Office has disallowed Germany's Boehringer Ingelheim a patent on its HIV drug, Nevirapine, sold as Viramune XR (extended release), yet a.....

Tags : Boehringer Ingelheim, Patent , HIV Drug, Nevirapine

Indian Patent Office Denies Patent for ‘Invention’ on Providing Hypertext to Phones(21.10.2015)

Indian Patent Office has denied to entertain an application by US technology, Google for its 'claimed invention' regarding a computer-implemented meth.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office, US technology, Google

Sun Pharma Settles Patent War With Acorda(23.10.2015)

Sun Pharma has settled a patent litigation with Acorda Therapeutics Inc over Ampyra extended-release tablets, used for treatment of multiple sclerosis.....

Tags : Sun Pharma,Patent,Acorda

Colgate-Palmolive Successfully Books Indian Patent for a Powered Toothbrush(27.10.2015)

Colgate-Palmolive Company has received Indian patent for an invention titled Powered Toothbrush, as it has satisfactorily met with various objections .....

Tags : Colgate-Palmolive Company ,Powered Toothbrush, n Patent

Delhi HC: Patents Act will override the Competition Act(14.07.2023)

Delhi High Court has held that Patents Act, 1970 must prevail over the Competition Act, 2022 on the issue of exercise of rights by a patentee under th.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Competition Act, Patent Act

GSFC Books Patent for Gujcon Nylon Products(10.11.2015)

State-run Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd has received a process patent for its Gujcon products range under Nylon-6 that will improve qualit.....

Tags : Gujcon Nylon Products Patent, Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd

Suzuki Motor Books Patent for Technology to Reduce Fuel Consumption(19.11.2015)

Japanese car major Suzuki Motor Corporation has booked an Indian patent for its invention relating to a control apparatus for motor vehicles, the tech.....

Tags : Suzuki , Patent for Technology to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Del. HC: Urgent Need to Update Patent Manual for Better Guidance of Examiners & Controllers(05.06.2023)

Delhi High Court has observed that there is an imminent need to update the Manual of Patent Office Practice and Procedure so that Examiners and Contro.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent Manual, Examiners & Controllers

General Motors Books Indian Patent for New Hybrid Engine(13.04.2016)

General Motors Corporation (GM) has secured an Indian patent for invention on a control method for a hybrid power train system for vehicles.

Tags : General Motors Corporation , Patent, New Hybrid Engine

Delhi HC: Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks is Industry u/s 2(j) ID Act(21.01.2020)

Delhi High Court has held that the office of a Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks is an industry under Section 2(j) of the Industr.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks

ESDS Software Books US Patent for Its Cloud Computing Technology(05.11.2015)

ESDS Software Solution has booked a patent for its cloud computing technology by the US patent office, making it first Indian company to be recognised.....

Tags : ESDS Software Solution, US patent, Cloud Computing Technology

Tata Fails to Get Patent for Herbal Tea(09.11.2015)

Tata Global Beverages (formerly known as Tata Tea) has failed to patent its 'invention' regarding a process for preparation of flavoured herbal tea.

Tags : Tata Global Beverages, Patent for Herbal Tea

Google Files Patent for Needle-Free Blood Draw Device with USPTO(10.12.2015)

Google Life Sciences has filed a patent for a needle-free blood draw device with US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Tags : Google Life Sciences, Patent, USPTO

Japan's Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation Loses Patent Bid over Diabetes Drug “Teneligliptin”(14.12.2015)

Kolkata Patent Office on an opposition filed by domestic drug firm Lupin, refused the patent application filed by Japan's Mitsubishi Pharma Corporatio.....

Tags : Kolkata Patent Office, Patent , Diabetes Drug Teneligliptin

Suven Life Sciences Books Patent for Neuro-Degenerative Drug(14.12.2015)

Drug firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted a patent each by Eurasia, Europe, Israel and Macau for a drug used in the treatment of neuro-degenerati.....

Tags : Suven Life Sciences , Patent , Neuro-Degenerative Drug

Del HC to Controller General: Ensure Compliance Provisions of Pre/Post Grant Oppositions to Patent(16.08.2023)

Delhi High Court has directed Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks to ensure that there is strict compliance with the provisions of .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Compliance, Patents Rules

Twitter Get Patent for a Social Media Drone(23.12.2015)

Social media site Twitter has been granted a patent for a drone that takes photos and videos which can be shared on user accounts.

Tags : Twitter, Patent , drone

Celgene Settles Revlimid Patent Dispute with Natco Pharma(24.12.2015)

Natco Pharma Ltd and partner Allergan Plc has settled dispute with US-based drug maker Celgene Corp. in the patent infringement case of the latter’s c.....

Tags : Natco Pharma, Celgene Corp, Revlimid Patent

IPO Freezes Software Patent Rules(28.12.2015)

Indian Patent Office (IPO), after strong opposition from several associations, has put in abeyance the new guidelines on examination of computer-relat.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office

Cisco Wins U.S. Patent Dispute over Wifi Technology(29.12.2015)

A U.S. Appeals Court has cleared Cisco Systems Inc of infringing another company's wifi technology, reversing a near $64-million judgement against the.....

Tags : U.S. Appeals Court, Cisco Systems Inc, wifi technology, patent

Roche, Glenmark Settle Patent Dispute Over Tarceva(04.01.2016)

Swiss pharma firm Roche and India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals have settled an out-of-court patent litigation over the former's lung cancer drug erlotin.....

Tags : Roche, Glenmark , Tarceva , Patent

Del. HC: Patent Agents Don’t Come Within the Ambit of BCI or Advocates’ Act, 1961(08.09.2023)

Delhi High Court while observing that patent agents do not come within the ambit of the Bar Council of India or the Advocates’ Act, 1961, has stated t.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent Agents, Advocates’ Act, Regulatory Authority

India Patent Office Dismisses Compulsory License Application of Lee Pharma(21.01.2016)

Indian Patent Office has dismissed application of Lee Pharma for a compulsory licence to make a copy of AstraZeneca's antidiabetes drug saxagliptin, w.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office , Lee Pharma

Delhi HC Finalizes Draft Rules Governing Patent Suits & Intellectual Property Rights Division Rules(13.12.2021)

Delhi High Court has published the final drafts of High Court of Delhi Rules Governing Patent Suits, 2021 and Delhi High Court Intellectual Property R.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Patent Suits & Intellectual Property Rights Division Rules

Indian Patent Office Refuses to Grant Patent to Google for ‘Invention’ on Obsolete Data(18.02.2016)

The Indian Patent Office has refused to grant a patent to Google for its claimed invention relating to a system for efficiently identifying and removi.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office , Google

Pfizer Books Patent for Cholesterol Lowering Formulation(19.02.2016)

Indian Patent Office has granted Pfizer Inc patent for drug that addresses issues related to cholesterol and related disorders, including cardiovascu.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office, Pfizer Inc

Indian Patent Office Denies to Software Patents(23.02.2016)

India's patent office, administered by Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDT), has issued an order excluding software patents i.....

Tags : Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks , Software Patents

Apple Books Patent on Two Techniques, Tip Self-Healing Tech, Dual Rear Cameras in Future iPhone(11.01.2016)

Apple has been granted two new patents by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for "Automated Maintenance of an Electronic Device" and fo.....

Tags : Apple, United States Patent and Trademark Office

Indian Patent Office Rejects TVS Motor Company's Two-Stroke Engine Patent Application(09.10.2019)

Indian Patent Office has rejected the application of TVS Motor Company, maker of two-wheelers and three wheelers for a patent on a new two-stroke inte.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office, TVS Motor

Patent Office Dismisses Wyeth’s Divisional Patent Application(31.03.2016)

The Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs, Kolkata, has refused to proceed with a divisional patent application of Wyeth (now part of Pfizer), fo.....

Tags : Wyeth, Patent Application

Delhi High Court Rejects Monsanto Plea to Enforce BT Cotton Seed Patent(12.04.2018)

Delhi High Court has said that Monsanto Technologies’ patents on Bt cotton seed varieties Bollgard and Bollgard II were not valid and dismissed its cl.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Monsanto, Patent

Suven Life Books Patent for Neuro-Degenerative Drug(09.09.2016)

Drug firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted a patent each by Canada, Europe and Hong Kong for a drug used in the treatment of neuro-degenerative di.....

Tags : Suven Life Sciences , patent

India Denies Patent to Yahoo on IM System(29.08.2016)

Internet technology major Yahoo Inc has received a setback in India with the country’s patent office refusing a patent for its ‘invention’ regarding a.....

Tags : Yahoo Inc , Patent, IM System

U.S. PTO Rules in Favour of Mylan(29.08.2016)

U.S.Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has ruled in the favour of Natco Pharma’s marketing partner Mylan, with regard to patent claims pertaining to mu.....

Tags : U.S.Patent and Trademark Office, Natco Pharma, patent claims

Apple files for mistrial against $625 million lawsuit(08.02.2016)

Apple has filed for a declaration of mistrial in a patent infringement suit, which concluded in it being held liable for over $625 million in damages......

Tags : Apple, virnetx, mistrial, patent, infringe

UK Supreme Court: Artificial Intelligence Can’t be Considered as Patent Inventor(21.12.2023)

Supreme Court of United Kingdom has held that a Patent inventor must be a natural person and therefore the same cannot be granted to an Artificial Int.....

Tags : Supreme Court of United Kingdom, Patent Inventor, Natural Person, Artificial Intelligence

Google Books India Patent for Method to Determine Ad-Spot Value(26.02.2016)

Google Inc has secured an Indian patent for an invention regarding a method that could help online advertisers with different value propositions in fi.....

Tags : Google Inc, Indian patent

Del. HC: Opponent Does Not Have a Right to Intervene in the Examination Process(11.01.2024)

Delhi High Court while observing that an objection is intended to facilitate and assist the Controller in examining the patent application, has held t.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Examination, Patent Application

Ethypharm Books Indian Patent for Crush Resistant Oxycodone(01.08.2016)

French pharmaceutical manufacturer, Ethypharm has booked an Indian patent for a crush-resistant, water insoluble form of pain killer drug oxycodone.

Tags : Ethypharm, Patent , Crush Resistant Oxycodone

Govt. Grants Patent to MSU Professor for Inventing a Chemical Process(01.08.2016)

An Assistant Professor from Department of Chemistry in Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) and her student have been granted a patent by Government fo.....

Tags : Patent , MSU, Chemical Process , Assistant Professor

Yahoo Books Indian Patent for Invention to Classify Image(27.05.2016)

Yahoo has secured an Indian patent for an invention regarding a method for processing image data for the purpose of classifying the images into either.....

Tags : Yahoo , Indian patent , method for processing image data

Indian Patent Office Issues Guidelines for Startups(13.06.2016)

Indian Patent Office has issued guidelines for facilitators and startups with respect to filling and processing of applications for patent, designs an.....

Tags : Indian Patent Office, Startups

Gilead Books Patent for Hepatitis C Drug Solvadi(10.05.2016)

Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademark has granted American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences the patent for the blockbuster Hepati.....

Tags : Gilead, patent, Sofosbuvir

TVS Gets Patent for Air-Injection System to Improve Fuel Economy(10.05.2016)

TVS Motor has secured a patent for an invention relating to an air-injection system operative during deceleration of an automobile engine.

Tags : TVS Motor, air-injection system, patent

Govt. Offers ‘Tatkal’ Window for Speedy Approval of Patent Applications(18.05.2016)

Government has amended patent rules to offer a 'Tatkal' option for speedy clearance of applications by start-ups or those that choose India as the des.....

Tags : Government , patent rules

Ashok Leyland Books Patent for Lightweight Composite Articles(18.05.2016)

Ashok Leyland Ltd has received patent for an invention related to lightweight composite articles suitable for making structures for use in automobil.....

Tags : Ashok Leyland Ltd , patent

Honda Books Patent for Storage Device(23.05.2016)

Honda has booked a patent for an article storage structure to accommodate articles in a leg shield, in a scooter-type vehicle.

Tags : Honda , patent, Storage Device

Google's Appeal Against Rejection of Patent, Dismissed by High Court With Cost of Rs. 1 Lakh(03.04.2024)

Delhi High Court while dismissing Google’s appeal against the rejection of the grant of patent on the grounds of lack of novelty and inventive step, h.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Google, Patent, Novelty, Inventive Step

Decathlon Books Patent for Invention Related to Bicycle(20.06.2016)

Decathlon has booked Indian patent for its invention related to a bicycle with rear suspension which makes riding of the bicycle better experience in .....

Tags : Decathlon, Indian patent

Australian Firm Books Patent for Process for Manufacturing of Sugar with Low GI(22.06.2016)

The Products Makers (Australia) Pty Ltd has booked a patent in India for extracts from sugarcane and process for manufacturing it with low Glycemic In.....

Tags : The Products Makers (Australia) Pty Ltd, Glycemic Index, Patent

Kudelski Settles Patent Dispute with Apple(04.08.2016)

Swiss digital TV security company Kudelski has reached a settlement with Apple Inc, ending a patent dispute in United States and Europe and removing a.....

Tags : Kudelski, Apple, Patent Dispute

In Patent Suits With High Stakes, Right to File Written Statement Can’t be Forfeited: Rajasthan HC(20.07.2018)

Rajasthan High Court has held that in a patent suit where huge stakes are being claimed by the parties, if the right to file written statement is forf.....

Tags : Rajasthan High Court, Patent

US Supreme Court Upholds Legality of Patent Review Process(25.04.2018)

U.S. Supreme Court has given its stamp of approval to a government review process prized by high technology companies as an easy and cheap way to comb.....

Tags : US Supreme Court, Patent

Apple Books Indian Patent for Portable Electronic Device for Photo Management(19.09.2016)

Apple Inc. has received a patent related to a portable electronic device for photo management in India.

Tags : Apple Inc. Patent,Portable Electronic Device

SC: 'Patent Illegality' a Ground Available to Set Aside Domestic Arbitral Awards(25.05.2020)

SC has observed that an arbitral award can be set aside under Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 if it is patently illegal.

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Suven Life Sciences Secures Patent for Neuro-Degenerative Drug(18.10.2016)

Drug firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted one product patent each by Europe and Israel for a drug used in treatment of Neuro-Degenerative Disease.....

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