Byju’s Second Rights Issue for Raising Funds Halted by NCLT  ||  Byju’s Second Rights Issue for Raising Funds Halted by NCLT  ||  Gau. HC: Party Can Invoke Arbitration Despite Alternative Remedy Available Under RERA Act  ||  Mad. HC: Sexual Harassment at Workplace a ‘Continuing Offence’ If Causes Constant Trauma and Fear  ||  Delhi High Court: U/S 9 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, Scope of Inquiry is Limited  ||  Meghalaya High Court: Bail Plea Rejected Despite Delay in Trial  ||  Pat. HC: After Commen. of Trial, Amen. of Pleadings Allowed if Required to Arrive at Just Conclusion  ||  Gau. HC: If Delay in Filing Matri. Appeal Not Satisfactorily Expl., Bar Against Remarriage Not Applic  ||  Bombay High Court: Release of Film "Shaadi Ke Director Karan Aur Johar" Restrained  ||  Mad. HC: Separate Norms for Transgender Persons in Employment and Education    

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Cheaper to pirate than purchase?(23.09.2015)

In a case against large pirating of Microsoft software (yes, makers of the little known ‘Windows’, ‘Office’ and ‘Bing’), the Delhi High Court laid hea.....

Tags : Software, pirate, unlicensed, Microsoft, punitive


Supreme Court to Search Engine Companies: Block Pre-Natal Sex Determination Ads(16.11.2016)

Supreme Court has directed companies that operate search engines like Google India, Yahoo India and Microsoft Corp. India Pvt. Ltd to block advertisem.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Google India, Yahoo India, Microsoft, Pre-Natal Sex Determination Ads

ITAT, Delhi: Fee for Cloud Services Not Royalty(27.04.2022)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Delhi while granting relief to a subsidiary company of Information Technology giant Microsoft Corporation, Ministry of .....

Tags : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Information Technology, Microsoft Corporation, Ministry of Law Corporation, subscription fee, royalty, cloud computing

Delhi HC Dismisses Appeal Against Microsoft; No Royalty on Licensing of Software(23.05.2022)

Delhi High Court while dismissing an appeal filed by the department upheld the ITAT order that licensing of Microsoft’s software products in India by .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Appeal, Microsoft, Royalty

Supreme Court Notices Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft over Rising Cybercrimes(06.12.2016)

Supreme Court of India has issued notice to tech giants Google India, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook on their role in curbing rising cyber crimes in India.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Google India, Yahoo India, Microsoft, cyber crimes

Supreme Court Directs Tech Giants to Develop Firewalls to Check Offensive Material(02.02.2017)

Supreme Court has directed Internet search engines Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and social media sites Facebook and WhatsApp to develop a "firewall" of.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Google, Microsoft, firewall

SC Constitutes Panel to Ensure Gang rape, Rape Videos Removed From Internet(23.03.2017)

Supreme Court has constituted a high level committee comprising of Centre’s Information Technology officials who are to coordinate with internet giant.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Facebook, Microsoft, Gang rape, Rape, Videos

Supreme Court Orders Net Giants to Put in Place Mechanism to Delete Sex Determination Ads(17.02.2017)

Supreme Court has ordered three Internet giants, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, to immediately set up their own in-house expert bodies to keep tabs on a.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

Microsoft, Google Settels Patent War(01.10.2015)

Microsoft Corp and Google Inc have agreed to settle all 18 cases under patent infringement litigation against each other in United States and Germany.

Tags : Microsoft Corp , Google Inc ,Patent

US Supreme Court Dismisses Microsoft 's Interval Licensing Patent Appeal(06.10.2015)

U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a bid by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen to revive several patent claims against AOL, Apple, Google and Yahoo over so.....

Tags : U.S. Supreme Court, Microsoft,AOL, Apple, Google , Yahoo

SC Pulls Up Google, Yahoo Over Hosting Pre-Natal Sex Determination Sites(05.07.2016)

SC has pulled up Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for showing sex determination contents on its websites and called on the Centre to come up with a memoran.....

Tags : SC, Google, Microsoft ,Yahoo

US Supreme Court Drops Microsoft Email Fight With New Law in Place(18.04.2018)

U.S. Supreme Court has dropped a high-profile case over government access to emails stored overseas after both sides said a new federal law stripped t.....

Tags : US Supreme Court, Microsoft Email

NY Times Files Infringement Suit Against Microsoft & OpenAI for Copying Content Through AI Models(29.12.2023)

The New York Times has filed a copyright infringement suit against Microsoft and OpenAI alleging that the companies unlawfully used the copyrighted co.....

Tags : New York Times, Copyright, Microsoft, OpenAI

Bombay HC Stays Proceedings in Microsoft-Girnar Dispute(29.07.2016)

Bombay HC has stayed proceedings before a single judge in US tech giant, Microsoft’s dispute with an Indian Business Process Outsourcing, Girnar Softw.....

Tags : Bombay HC , Microsoft, Girnar

SC Directs Search Engines to Block Sex Determination Websites(20.09.2016)

Supreme Court has asked search engines of companies, like Google India, Microsoft India and Yahoo India, to take steps to block sex determination adve.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Google India, Microsoft India, Yahoo India

Delhi HC: Licensing of Microsoft Softwares in India is not Taxable as Royalty as per Indo-US Treaty(10.03.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that the licensing of software products of Microsoft in the Territory of India by the Respondent was not taxable in India as.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Licensing of Microsoft Softwares

Calcutta HC Switches to "Microsoft Teams" for Hearing Extremely Urgent Matters(08.04.2020)

Calcutta High Court has switched to "Microsoft Teams" for hearing extremely urgent matters via video-conferencing and accordingly, all the stakeholder.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Microsoft Teams

ITAT, Delhi: Payment to Microsoft for Software Purchase Does Not Amount to Royalty(04.04.2022)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Delhi has observed that the assesee, HP Services (Singapore) cannot be taxed for royalty as per the Indo-Singapore Doub.....

Tags : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, HP Services, Indo-Singapore, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, Microsoft company

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