Del. HC: Accrual of Cause of Action at a Place is not a Consideration for Determining Jurisdiction  ||  Mad. HC to State: Prevent use of Stickers such as ‘Police’ or ‘GOI’ on Private Vehicles  ||  Bom. HC: Magistrate Needn’t Provide Additional Reasons for Amount of Interim Compensation Awarded  ||  Del. HC: ‘THEOBROMA’ is Free to Expand its Outlets Across the Country  ||  Ker. HC: Detention Order Under KAPPA 2007 must be Confirmed Within 3 Months from Date of Execution  ||  Kar. HC: Not Every False Statement Made in Court Must be Subject to Prosecution  ||  Ker. HC: Roads are Ordinarily Deserted During Night; Likelihood of Causing Death by Accident is Less  ||  Del. HC: Severity of Offence Can’t Disentitle Foreigner to Get Parole for Filing SLP  ||  Cal. HC: Can’t Compound Proceedings u/s 138 NI Act at Revision Stage Without Complainant’s Consent  ||  Bom. HC: There Should be Some Accountability Fixed on Courts in Cases of Prolonged Incarceration    

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Notifications & Circulars

Anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of "Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Resin-whether or not further processed into compound", originating in or exported from China PR and Korea RP(25.02.2020)

Attention is invited to the Final Finding Notification No. 6/3/2019-DGTR dated 19.02.2020 issued by the Designated Authority in respect of the subject.....

Tags : Anti-dumping, Investigation, Imports

Amendment in Notification No.28/2015-Customs (ADD), dated the 5th June, 2015(03.06.2020)

1.Whereas, the designated authority vide initiation notification No. 7/16/2019-DGTR dated the 3rd October, 2019, published in the Gazette of India, Ex.....

Tags : Amendment, Notification, Imports

Top Story

Customs to begin faceless assessment of imports across India(04.09.2020)

In a step forward to ease of doing business module, the Customs Department will soon initiate pan-India faceless assessment for all imported goods by .....

Tags : Customs, Faceless assessment, Imports

Prohibitions on Imports/Exports to North Korea(KP)(18.11.2020)

1.The undersigned is directed to refer to the United Nations Security Council's (UNSC) Resolution relating to the above subject, the latest being 2397.....

Tags : Imports, North Korea

Government facilitates faster imports of key medical devices amid rise in COVID -19 cases(30.04.2021)

In view of present pandemic situation of COVID-19 and for meeting the demand of medical devices, Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India h.....

Tags : Imports, Medical devices, Compliance

Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) to come into effect from 1st October, 2022(12.07.2022)

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), has introduced Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) by amending the import policy of major paper pro.....

Tags : Introduction, PIMS, Imports

Corrigendum to initiation of Safeguard (Quantitative Restrictions) investigation concerning imports of Low Ash Metallurgical Coke into India(05.07.2023)

Having regard to the Section 9A of Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 as amended from time to time and the Safeguard Measures (Quant.....

Tags : Corrigendum, Imports, Coke

Initiation of Sunset Review investigation concerning imports of PVC Suspension Grade Resin from China PR, Thailand, and USA(25.04.2019)

All the interested producers/exporters have been asked by the Authority on 05/04/2019 to submit additional data of 6 months beyond the Period of Inves.....

Tags : Initiation, Sunset Review, Investigation, Imports


RBI Permits Banks to Use E-Payments for Imports(25.09.2015)

RBI, in order to facilitate e-commerce, has permitted banks to enter into pacts with Online Payment Gateway Service Providers (OPGSPs), for import pay.....

Tags : RBI, E-Payments for Imports

Anti-Dumping Investigation concerning imports of Certain Rubber Chemicals(23.06.2022)

1. The undersigned is directed to refer to anti-dumping investigation final findings on the above subject issued vide notification F. No. 6/4/2021-DGT.....

Tags : Anti-Dumping, Investigation, Imports

Import policy of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs)/Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs)/drones(27.07.2016)

In exercise of powers conferred by Section 3 of FT (D&R) Act, 1992, read with paragraph 1.02 and 2.01 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-2020, as amend.....

Tags : Policy Condition, Imports, Introduction

Extension of time for filing exporter's/importer's/user's questionnaire response in anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of "Dispersion Unshifted Single-mode Optical Fibre"(29.06.2022)

1. With respect to the above mentioned investigation, requests have been received from interested parties for extension of time to file Questionnaire .....

Tags : Extension, Time, Imports

Final findings-sunset review investigation concerning imports of wire rod of alloy or non-alloy steel(07.02.2022)

1. The undersigned is directed to refer to final findings on the above subject issued vide notification F. No. 7/17/2021-DGTR, dated the 28th October,.....

Tags : Final findings, Sunset review, Imports

Impact of Trade Agreements(01.01.2019)

Some industry associations including those relating to steel have expressed concerns on imports under bilateral free trade agreements with Japan, Kore.....

Tags : Trade Agreements, Impact, Exports, Imports

Imports of Maize (feed grade) under the TRQ Scheme for 2018-19(03.04.2019)

Government has received many representations from Poultry sector, highlighting an un-precedent shortage of feed grade maize (for poultry industry) mai.....

Tags : Imports, Maize, TRQ Scheme

#Economic Survey 2021-2022: Impact of Pandemic on Exports and Imports of Goods and Services(31.01.2022)

Exports of both goods and services have been exceptionally strong so far in 2021-22, but imports also recovered strongly with recovery in domestic dem.....

Tags : Economic Survey, Exports and Imports of Goods and Services

Oral Hearing in respect of anti-circumvention in respect of anti-dumping duty imposed on the imports of "Jute Sacking Bags/Sacking Cloth" in originated or exported from Bangladesh(06.08.2018)

1.With reference to the subject stated above, this is to inform you that Shri Sunil Kumar, Additional Secretary & Designated Authority will hold an Or.....

Tags : Anti-circumvention, Oral Hearing, Imports

Reserve Bank of India (Gold Monetization Scheme) Direction, 2015.(22.10.2015)

Reserve Bank of India has introduced a ‘Gold Monetization Scheme’, amending the ‘Gold Deposit Scheme’ and ‘Gold Metal Loan Scheme’. It encompasses Dir.....

Tags : Gold, monetize, scheme, 2015, imports

Project Imports (Amendment) Regulations, 2021(01.02.2021)

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 157 of the Customs Act, 1962 (52 of 1962), the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs hereby makes.....

Tags : Projects, Imports

Clarification in respect of anti-dumping duty on imports of color coated aluminium foil from China PR(22.11.2017)

The Designated Authority vide notification No. 14/06/2015- DGAD dated 10th March, 2017, notified its final findings recommending imposition of anti-du.....

Tags : Duty, Imports, Aluminium foil

Toy imports down by 70% and exports up 61% over last three years as Make in India yields positive results for the sector(05.07.2022)

Government interventions in the Toy Sector after Prime Minister's call have helped the industry: Shri Anil Agrawal, Additional Secretary, DPIIT

Tags : Toy imports, Make in India, Positive results

Government Imposes Anti-Dumping Duty on Wire Rod Imports from China(04.11.2016)

Centre has imposed anti-dumping duty on imports of steel wire rods from China to protect domestic manufacturers from cheap in-bound shipments.

Tags : anti-dumping, imports, steel wire rods, China

CBIC Notifies Ad hoc Exemption from IGST on Imports of Specified COVID-19 Relief Material(04.05.2021)

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has notified the Ad hoc Exemption from Integrated Goods and Services Tax on imports of specified CO.....

Tags : Central Board of Indirect Taxes, IGST on Imports of Specified COVID-19 Relief Material

Initiation of Anti-Dumping Sun Set Review investigation concerning imports of "Phthalic Anhydride" originating in or exported from Korea RP, Chinese Taipei and Israel(11.12.2017)

Case No. SSR 18/2017

F. No. 07/19/2017-DGAD.--Having regard to the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 as amended in 1995 and thereafter (hereinafter al.....

Tags : Initiation, Anti-Dumping, Imports

CBIC notifies New Provisions related to Surrender of Registration, Validity of Registration(29.10.2021)

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has notified new Provisions related to Surrender of Registration, Validity of registration under Co.....

Tags : Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Courier Imports and Exports (Clearance), Amendment, Regulations, 2021

Termination of Anti-dumping investigation on the imports of "Self-adhesive Polyvinyl Chloride Film" originating in or exported from China PR(03.08.2021)

A. Introduction

1. Having regard to the Customs Tariff Act 1975 as amended from time to time (hereinafter referred as the Act) and the Custom.....

Tags : Termination, Anti-dumping investigation, Imports

Delhi HC Issues Notice on Plea Challenging Initiation of Anti-Dumping Probe on Imports of Solar Cells(15.06.2021)

Delhi High Court issued the notice to the Government in a Plea file by Solar Power Developers Association assailing the initiation of an anti-dumping .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Anti-Dumping Probe on Imports of Solar Cells

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