Kerala High Court: Imposition of Unaffordable Cost is Akin to Denial of Relief  ||  SC: People Can’t be Asked to Prove Citizenship on Mere Suspicion Without Sharing Material  ||  Bombay High Court: State Government’s Decision to Hike Lease Rentals Not Arbitrary  ||  Bom. HC: State Obligated to Protect Liberty of Foreigners Coming to the Country  ||  Ker. HC: State Govt. to Form SOP for Collection of DNA Samples of Children Surrendered For Adoption  ||  SC: Court Can’t Take Cogni. of Offence Committed by Public Servant Without Following S. 19 of PC Act  ||  Karnataka HC: Illegal to Impose Condition of Furnishing Bank Guarantee While Granting Bail  ||  Allahabad High Court Makes History by Delivering Judgement in Three Languages  ||  Supreme Court: Directions Issued to States/UTs for Prevention of Overcrowding of Prisons  ||  SC: Caution Must be Exercised by Trial Court in Accepting Dock Identification of Accused Without TIP    

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Notifications & Circulars

Treatment of additional liability on account of enhancement in family pension of employees of banks(04.10.2021)

1. The Indian Banks' Association (IBA) has approached us for the amortisation of the increased expenditure resulting from the revision in family pensi.....

Tags : Treatment, Additional liability, Family pension


An illiterate widow, unaware of her rights, is entitled to family pension and delay to enforce that right does not impede her claim(17.10.2018)

Present application is filed for quashing of impugned Order and for a declaration that, the undertaking/consent (for adjusting the amount of alleged r.....

Tags : Family pension, Grant, Right

Liberalised Family Pension is payable only to family members of Armed Forces personnel who have died in action(23.09.2019)

In present matter, Naib Subedar Umed Singh was enrolled in the Army. On 19th December, 2001, he was posted at the International Border in Operation Pa.....

Tags : Family members, Pension, Entitlement

Maintenance provisions under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 are gender neutral(21.11.2023)

Present appeal arises out of an Order passed by the learned Family Court Judge by which appellant was directed to pay the respondent a sum of ₹30,000/.....

Tags : Family, Maintenance, Gender Neutral

Desperate father misleading British court denied relief(20.05.2016)

A person having obtained a favourable order from a foreign court cannot claim its benefit if the same was obtained by defrauding that court.


Tags : family, high court, united kingdom, fraud, children, welfare

Transfer of Shares being an internal family realignment cannot be treated as Gift or Perquisites(12.05.2020)

The Assessee is an investment company. Return of income was electronically filed declaring total income of Rs. 2,75,836. During the course of assessme.....

Tags : Family arrangement, Additions, Legality


Pay Extraordinary Family Pension to Soldier’s Wife: Delhi HC(15.04.2019)

Delhi High Court has directed Centre to pay Extraordinary Family Pension to wife of a CRPF Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) who died in a road accident w.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Extraordinary Family Pension

Pay Extraordinary Family Pension to Soldier’s Wife: Delhi HC(15.04.2019)

Delhi High Court has directed Centre to pay Extraordinary Family Pension to wife of a CRPF Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) who died in a road accident w.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Extraordinary Family Pension

Delhi HC Directs Factions of Munjal Family to Approach Arbitration in Trademark Dispute(18.03.2021)

Delhi High Court has directed two factions of the Munjal family battling over a trademark to approach an arbitrator, as has been stipulated in the set.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Munjal Family

SC: Family Courts Does Not Have Plenary Powers to Do Away with Mandatory Procedure(18.03.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that Family Courts does not have plenary powers to do away with the mandatory procedural requirements. The Court has observ.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Family Courts

SC: Family Courts Does Not Have Plenary Powers to Do Away with Mandatory Procedure(18.03.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that Family Courts does not have plenary powers to do away with the mandatory procedural requirements. The Court has observ.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Family Courts

Health Ministry Suspends Certain Rules on Pre-Natal Testing Labs Till 30th June(09.04.2020)

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has suspended the implementation of Rule 8, Rule 9(8) and Rule 18A(6) of the Preconception and Pre-natal Diagnos.....

Tags : Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Pre-Natal Testing Labs

Delhi HC Denies Bail to Accused Who Wanted to Support His Family as Father is Quarantined(13.04.2020)

Delhi High Court has denied interim bail to a person who wanted to take care of his family as his father has been quarantined due to COVID19. The Cour.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Bail to Accused Who Wanted to Support His Family

ITAT, Delhi Upholds Order Against Gandhi Family on Commercial Immovable Property(06.04.2022)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Delhi has upheld the case against the Gandhi family in relation with commercial immovable properties worth more than Rs.....

Tags : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Gandhi family, commercial immovable properties, Rs 800 crore, Young Indian, share capital of Rs 5 lakh, hawala entry, Rs 1 crore

Widow Eligible For Family Pension Even After Re-Marriage: Central Administrative Tribunal(14.09.2018)

Central Administrative Tribunal has ruled that the widow of a deceased government servant is eligible for family pension even after remarriage.

Tags : CAT, Family Pension

Delhi HC: Both Parents Are Involved In Overall Development of their Children(13.05.2022)

Delhi High Court while dealing with a contempt plea filed by a wife for the alleged non-compliance of the order passed by the family court, has observ.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, family court, settlement agreement

P&H HC: Child Adopted Post-Retirement Can't be Denied Family Pension(17.05.2022)

Punjab and Haryana High Court, in a petition of an adoptive daughter, whose application for the grant of family pension was dismissed on the ground of.....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana High Court, family pension, retirement

Sikkim HC Rejects Plea Challenging State's "One Family One Job" Policy(20.05.2022)

Sikkim High Court has refused to interfere with the State Government's 'One Family One Job' scheme and observed that the beneficial nature of the Sche.....

Tags : Sikkim High Court, ‘One Family One Job’

Madras HC: Joining of Son in Execution of Sale Deed Does Not Raise Presumption of "Family Property"(20.05.2022)

Madras High Court observed that merely because a son has been added as a co-vendor in a sale deed would not give rise to the presumption that the prop.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Family Property, Joint Family Property

Gauhati HC: Second Wife Not Entitled to Family Pension in Existence of First Wife(06.06.2022)

Gauhati High Court has held that in Hindu religion there is no concept of Bigamy and therefore, a second wife is not entitled to a family pension in t.....

Tags : Gauhati High Court, Family Pension, Bigamy

Meghalaya HC: POCSO Act Not Meant to Breakdown Happy Family Relationship(02.09.2022)

Meghalaya High Court while quashing FIR against a minor's partner has held that POCSO may not be applied to break down happy family relationship and S.....

Tags : Meghalaya High Court, POCSO, Family Relationship

Vacancies in Family Courts: Delhi HC Slams State Government(05.10.2018)

Delhi High Court has taken note of failure of Delhi Government to fill up vacancies in family courts and warned of coercive measures if appointments a.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Courts

Allahabad HC Dismisses Habeas Corpus Plea Against Alleged Detention of Hathras Victim's Family(09.10.2020)

Allahabad High Court has dismissed the habeas corpus writ petition filed on behalf of the Hathras victim's family against alleged illegal detention by.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Detention of Hathras Victim's Family

Bombay HC: Now File Appeal Against Family Court’s Divorce Decree Within 90 Days(08.12.2016)

Bombay High Court has held that a warring Hindu couple now has 90 days, not 30, to file an appeal against a divorce decree granted by a Family Court.

Tags : Bombay High Court, appeal, Family Court, divorce decree

Bombay HC to State: Establish Family Court in Every District in Maharashtra(11.07.2022)

Bombay High Court has urged the Maharashtra government to take steps to establish a family court in every district of the state.

Tags : Bombay High Court, Family Court, District

ITAT: HUF Eligible for Capital Gain Exemption for Property Purchased in The Joint Name of Members(11.07.2022)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), Delhi Bench has held that the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) is eligible to claim capital gain exemption under Sec.....

Tags : ITAT, Hindu Undivided Family, Capital Gain

Delhi HC: Circumstances Arising Out Of Marital Relationship Includes Parents-In-Law(14.07.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that the words "circumstances arising out of marital relationship" used in reference to filing of suit for injunction under .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Parent-in-law, Family Court

SEBI Exempts Analjit’s Trust from Making Open Offer Obligation(04.10.2016)

Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has exempted Neeman Family Foundation, a trust set up by Max Financial Services promoter Analjit Singh and.....

Tags : SEBI, Neeman Family Foundation, open offer

SC: Memorandum of Family Settlement Binding on Parties; Does Not Require Registration(04.08.2020)

Supreme Court has observed that a 'memorandum of family settlement' is not required to be registered and is binding on the parties.

Tags : Supreme Court, Memorandum of Family Settlement

Delhi HC: Registration of Family Arrangement Necessary Only If Terms Are Reduced Into Writing(02.05.2022)

Delhi High Court has observed that registration is not necessary where family arrangement is oral and that the same is essential only if the terms of .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Registration, family arrangement

Delhi HC: Husband & Wife Two Pillars of Family, Whole House Crashes Down if One Gets Weak(03.05.2022)

Delhi High Court has upheld an order passed by the Family Court allowing divorce in favour of the wife under section 13(1)(ia) of the Hindu Marriage A.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Court, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, section 13(1)(ia), Mental cruelty

Delhi HC: Daughter-in-law Can Seek Maintenance From Father-in-law if Inherited Husband's Estate(11.05.2022)

Delhi High Court by dismissing a plea filed by a widowed daughter-in-law and grand-daughter under section 19 of the Family Court Act, 1984 has ruled .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Court Act, 1984, section 19, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, inherited

Kar. HC: Courts Must Accept Duly Sworn Affidavits Regarding Residential Proof of Child/Wife(20.07.2022)

Karnataka High Court has held that family courts shall accept the affidavit by wife and children indicating their place of residence away from matrimo.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Family Court, Residential Proof

Kar. HC: Unregistered Family Settlement Admissible Only If Confirmed With Approval of All Members(15.09.2022)

Karnataka High Court has held that family settlement arrived at between parties to share immovable properties has to be among all family members who a.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Registered Document, Family Settlement

SC Stays Order of NCDRC Lowering Compensation to Bereaved Family(17.12.2020)

Supreme Court has stayed an order of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), lowering the compensation granted to a bereaved fami.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Compensation to Bereaved Family

Bombay HC: Family Court Must Examine Terms of Mutual Consent Divorce(09.01.2017)

Bombay High Court has cautioned Family Courts across Maharashtra to not grant decree of divorce on mere presentation of a joint application by spouses.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Family Court, Divorce, Mutual Consent

Delhi HC to State: Submit Status on Infrastructure, Pendency of Cases in Family Courts(02.08.2022)

Delhi High Court has asked Delhi government to submit relevant data indicating total number of Judges who are presently posted and presiding over Fami.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Court, Status Report

Jharkhand HC Takes Suo Moto Cognizance of Murder of a Family as Part of 'Witch-Hunt'(09.03.2021)

Jharkhand High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of the 'disturbing' killings of five members of a family in the State, including a five years old c.....

Tags : Jharkhand High Court, Murder of a Family, 'Witch-Hunt'

Undivided Share in Joint Family can be Disposed by Will: SC(25.01.2019)

Supreme Court, while dismissing appeals from a partition suit, has held that undivided interest of a Hindu in a joint family property can be disposed .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Undivided Share In Joint Family

Madras High Court Holds Unmarried 2nd Daughter Entitled to Father’s Pension(16.05.2017)

Madras High Court has held that an unmarried second daughter of a retired government employee may be given family pension if her elder sibling surrend.....

Tags : Madras High Court, government employee, family pension

Kerala High Court Issues Guidelines to Family Courts for Early Disposal of Cases(24.03.2021)

Kerala High Court has issued guidelines to streamline and prescribe a uniform procedure for disposal of cases before Family Courts in the State, obser.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Guidelines to Family Courts

Madras HC Grants Compensation to Woman's Family Who Fell from Overcrowded Train(26.03.2021)

Madras High Court has ordered compensation of Rs. 8 lakh along with 6% interest to the family of a woman who died in the year 2014 as she was travelli.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Compensation to Woman's Family Who Fell from Overcrowded Train

SC: Child Adopted After Death of Govt. Employee is Not Entitled to Family Pension(18.01.2023)

Supreme Court held that a child adopted by widow of a deceased government servant after his death can’t be included within the definition of ‘family’ .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Family Pension, Adopt, Widow

SC: Family Members on Parental Side of Hindu Widow Not ‘Strangers’ Under Hindu Succession Act(25.02.2021)

Supreme Court has said that family members on the parental side of a Hindu widow cannot be held to be ‘strangers’ and her property can devolve upon th.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Family Members on Parental Side of Hindu Widow

Government Servant is Not Eligible to Make Will of Family Pension: Chhattisgarh HC(29.04.2019)

Chhattisgarh High Court has held that a government servant is not eligible to make a will of family pension but also said that will of provident fund,.....

Tags : Chhattisgarh High Court, Will of Family Pension

Ministry of Health and family Welfare Revises National Policy for Admission of COVID Patients(10.05.2021)

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has revised the National Policy For Admission of COVID Patients to various categories of COVID facilities......

Tags : Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, National Policy for Admission of COVID Patients

Kerala HC: Pension Liability for Services Rendered in NEFA Prior to it Becoming A.P is on Centre(02.03.2023)

Kerala High Court has held that family pension liability of person died while being deployed in North-Eastern Frontier Agency (NEFA), now Arunachal Pr.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Family Pension, Liability, North Eastern Frontier Agency

CIVIL - "Hum Do Hamare Do": SC Calls for "Family Planning" of Cars(30.03.2019)

Supreme Court has called for family planning of cars owned by a household on the lines of "Hum Do Hamare Do" campaign as it expressed concern over one.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Hum do Humare DO, Family Planning of Cars

Top Court: Property Inherited From Father by Sons Becomes Joint Family Property(04.07.2019)

Top Court has observed that property inherited from father by sons becomes joint family property in the hands of sons.

Tags : Top Court, Joint Family Property

Gujarat High Court Issues Notice to Govt., EC on PIL Alleging Minister’s Fake MBA Degree(14.10.2015)

Gujarat HC has served notices to State Government, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Shankar Chaudhary and Election Commission (EC) on a.....

Tags : Gujarat HC , State Government, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare , Election Commission

Family Court: No 'Toilet' at Home Amounts to Cruelty(21.08.2017)

A Family Court in Rajasthan’s Bhilawara District has granted a woman’s plea for divorce, ruling that absence of a toilet at home amounts to cruelty.

Tags : Family Court, Divorce, Toilet

Uttarakhand High Court Seeks Report on Environment Damage During Gupta Family Wedding(19.07.2019)

Uttarakhand High Court has asked for a detailed report from the State Government and the State Pollution Control Board on the damage caused to the env.....

Tags : Uttarakhand High Court, Gupta Family Wedding

SC: Hindu Joint Family Even If Partitioned Can Revert Back and Reunite to Continue Joint Family Statu(02.07.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that a hindu joint family even if partitioned can revert back and reunite to continue the status of joint family.

Tags : Supreme Court, Hindu Joint Family

Guj HC: Section 498A Being Rampantly Misused by Only With a View to Harass Family Members(27.06.2023)

Gujarat High Court while quashing a FIR under Section 498A against an octogenarian woman has observed that Sections of 498A are being rampantly misuse.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Section 498A, Harass, Family Members

Delhi High Court Lacks Original Jurisdiction to Try Matters Under Family Courts Act(28.08.2017)

Delhi High Court has clarified that it lacked the original civil jurisdiction to try matters falling under Section 7 of Family Courts Act.

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Courts Act

Del. HC: Court Must Step in When Wife Seeks Help in Procuring Evidence to Prove Husband’s Adultery(11.05.2023)

Delhi High Court while observing that Right to Privacy is not absolute, has held that when a wife seeks help of Court for procuring evidence which wou.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Adultery, Family Court, Privacy

Cal HC: Daughter of Employee Who Died/Superannuated Prior to DCRB Scheme Entitled To Family Pension(21.06.2023)

Calcutta High Court has held that unmarried/widowed daughters of an employee who superannuated or passed away prior to coming into force of DCRB Schem.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Family Pension, Daughter

Uttarakhand HC: Even Poorest of Poor Has Right to Procure & Shower Love on Child(26.06.2017)

Uttarakhand High Court has allowed a mother’s appeal for custody of her minor son, and lamented sole reliance placed by Additional Family Court on fin.....

Tags : Uttarakhand HC, Additional Family Court

Delhi HC Orders BRO to Release Financial Assistance to Family Members of Missing Officer(07.06.2021)

Delhi High Court has ordered Border Roads Organisation (BRO) to pay one year's emoluments of the officer to the parents, who has been missing since 20.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Financial Assistance to Family Members of Missing Officer

J&K HC Upholds Validity of NHRC Order Granting Compensation to Family of Child(14.06.2021)

Jammu & Kashmir High Court has upheld the validity of an order passed by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) granting monetary compensation of Rs .....

Tags : Jammu and Kashmir High Court, Compensation to Family of Child

Delhi HC Constitutes Committee for Implementation of National Rare Diseases Policy(19.05.2023)

Delhi High Court while constituting a five member committee to effectively implement National Policy for Treatment of Rare Diseases, 2017, has stated .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Rare Diseases, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Delhi HC: Family Courts Not Expected to Adopt Hyper-Technical Approach(22.05.2023)

Delhi High Court has observed that even though the Courts are required to decide matters relating to family law expeditiously, Court is expected to no.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Hyper-Technical Approach, Family Law

Bombay High Court: Unchaste Wife Not Entitled for Permanent Alimony(01.10.2015)

Bombay High Court while setting aside an order of a family court granting Rs1,500 as permanent alimony to wife to be paid by husband while granting hi.....

Tags : Bombay High Court,family court,alimony to wife

Convicts Too Must Breathe Fresh Air, Maintain Family Ties, Says Supreme Court(03.10.2017)

Supreme Court has said and favoured a "humanistic approach" while dealing with pleas for parole or furlough to those serving long jail term by observi.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Convict, Fresh Air, Family

Allahabad HC to Govt.: Frame Rules to Include Divorced Daughter in Family(30.11.2015)

Allahabad HC has ordered Principal Secretary (Law) to take necessary steps within 4 months so that a “divorced daughter” can be included in definition.....

Tags : Allahabad HC, divorced daughter,family

Punjab and Haryana HC Grants Bail to 3 Accused in Royal Family Land Grab Case(04.12.2015)

Punjab and Haryana HC has granted anticipatory bail to three accused involved in the land grab case of granddaughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the .....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana HC , Royal Family Land Grab Case

Del. HC: Family Court Can’t Grant Divorce on Ground of 'Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage’(20.09.2023)

Delhi High Court has held that Family Courts have to restrict their considerations to the parameters of the provision of grant of divorce strictly in .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Divorce, Family Court, 'Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage

SC: Hindu Widow Can Be Manager of Joint Family(18.12.2015)

Supreme Court while deciding a property dispute between cousins of a family in Uttar Pradesh in a suit filed in 1978 in favour of mother who bought pr.....

Tags : Supreme Court , Hindu Widow , Manager , Joint Family

Madras High Court: Family Courts Overburdened with Increasing Matrimonial Disputes(10.09.2019)

Madras High Court has rejected a contempt petition against a Family Court Judge and has observed that the Family Court Judges are under Judicial suffo.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Family Courts

Kar. HC: Family Courts Must Decide Divorce Cases Within One Year(27.07.2023)

Karnataka High Court while observing that matrimonial causes should be tried & disposed off on a war footing, at least as a concession to the shortnes.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Family Courts, Divorce Cases

Madras HC Turns Down Family Court Order Granting Divorce(15.04.2016)

Madras High Court has turned down a 2011 order of a family court allowing divorce plea of a man, holding that the charge of cruelty against the wife h.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Divorce, Family Court

Kerala High Court: Family Court Can’t Delegate Recording Of Evidence(06.04.2018)

Kerala High Court has held that evidence in matrimonial cases has to be recorded by the court itself, and that the Advocate Commissioner can be appoin.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Family Court

Kerala HC Says 'No' to Plea Seeking Scientific Guidelines For Deciding Child-Custody Petitions(09.04.2018)

Kerala High Court has rejected a plea of ‘estranged’ husbands to lay down scientific guidelines to family courts for an objective assessment of the we.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Family Court

Del. HC: Woman Can be 'Karta' of HUF(08.12.2023)

Delhi High Court has held that to say that a woman can be a coparcener but not a Karta of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) would be giving an interpretati.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Woman, Karta, Hindu Undivided Family

Delhi High Court Seeks Government Response on Pakistan Family’s Plea(14.10.2019)

Delhi High Court has sought the reply of the AAP Government on a Pakistan national’s plea against denial of admission to his three children by a State.....

Tags : Delhi High Court,Pakistan Family

Kar. HC: Entire Family Cannot be Prosecuted for the Offence of Bigamy(06.11.2023)

Karnataka High Court has held that Section 494, 495 and 496 of IPC makes it clear that those offences can be perused only against the erring spouse, a.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Bigamy, Family, Spouse

SC: Karta of Joint Hindu Family Cannot File Consumer Compliant Regarding Treatment of Sister-in-Law(20.09.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that a Karta of a Joint Hindu Family cannot file a consumer complaint in respect of deficiency in service on part of the Ho.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Joint Hindu Family

Del. HC: Family Court Can Extend the Time for Filing Written Statement in Exceptional Circumstances(20.12.2023)

Delhi High Court while observing that for expeditious disposal of family disputes, the schedule for filing a written statement must be followed, has h.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Court, Exceptional Circumstances

Bombay HC: DV Act Cases Can be Transferred to Family Court(02.01.2024)

Bombay High Court has held that Section 12 application under the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 before a magistrate can be transferred to a Family Court .....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Domestic Violence, Magistrate, Family Court

Kar. HC: Self-Acquired Property Thrown in Common Hotchpot Shall be Treated as Joint Family Property(21.02.2024)

Karnataka High Court has held that if a Hindu family member voluntarily throws his/her self acquired property into common hotchpot with the purpose of.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Common Hotchpot, Self-Acquired Property, Joint Family Property

Bombay HC to Ex-Royal: Deposit Rs 8cr for Stay on Alimony(23.08.2016)

Bombay HC has directed the scion of a former royal family from Punjab to deposit around Rs 8 crore if he wants a stay on a family court's order direct.....

Tags : Bombay HC, family court, Alimony

Ker HC: Sympathy Needed in Transferring Working Women Who Play Major Role in Taking Care of Family(15.01.2024)

Kerala High Court while observing that compassion & empathy is required while transferring working women from one destination to another since they pl.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Working Women, Family, Transfer

Kerala HC: Disputes Between Parties to a Void Marriage Can be Determined by Family Court(19.01.2024)

Kerala High Court has held that disputes related to void marriages as defined under Section 24 of the Special Marriage Act can be redressed by Family .....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Void Marriage, Family Court

Calcutta HC: Benefit of Family Pension Cannot be Extended to Widowed Daughter(08.02.2022)

Calcutta High Court has observed that the benefit of family pension cannot be extended to a widowed daughter of a pensioner who was married at the tim.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Family Pension

Gujarat HC Imposes Liability on Insurance Company to Pay Compensation to Family of Deceased(14.02.2022)

Gujarat High Court has imposed liability on the insurance company to pay compensation to the family of the deceased, affirming that it is not necessar.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Compensation to Family of Deceased

Gujarat HC Restrains Bank From Dispossessing Family Till Filing of Proceedings(15.02.2022)

Gujarat High Court has directed that the Bank to not dispossess the family from the property until 11th March 2022, considering that the Appellants we.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Restraint on Dispossessing family

ITAT, Bangalore: Hindu Undivided Family Cannot be Taxed After Its Partition(02.03.2020)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), Bangalore has held that once partition is completed and the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) is dissolved, such HUF .....

Tags : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Hindu Undivided Family

Delhi HC: Not Compulsory to Register or Pay Stamp Duty on Family Settlements(30.03.2022)

Delhi High Court has decided that it is not mandatory to compulsorily register family settlements and to pay stamp duty when such settlement is arrive.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, stamp duty, Family settlements

Gujarat HC to ‘Sanyasi’: Serve Society but First Look After Wife(12.09.2016)

Gujarat HC has advised a person, who had left his job and turned to spirituality and social work, to strive to earn something so that he could pay mai.....

Tags : Gujarat HC , sanyasi, family

Bombay HC: Man Can Seek Wife’s Test to Prove Non-Consummation of Marriage(12.09.2016)

Bombay HC has upheld an order passed by Mumbai family court in a divorce petition filed in 2011 on grounds of non-consummation, saying that family cou.....

Tags : Bombay HC, divorce, family court

Bombay HC Quashes Family Court Order Asking Man to Stay with Wife(14.09.2016)

Bombay HC has quashed a Family Court order thereby granted relief to a husband, that asked him to live with his wife.

Tags : Bombay HC, Family Court

Karnataka High Court: Housewife As Busy As Professionals(02.05.2018)

Karnataka High Court, while observing that husbands who think homemakers have a lot of free time don’t quite understand their work, has rejected a pe.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Family Court

SC: Full Ownership of Property Under S.14 (1) Can be Claimed by Hindu Woman Only if She Possesses it(20.05.2024)

Supreme Court has held that for establishing full ownership on the undivided joint family estate under Section 14(1) of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Hindu Succession Act, Joint Family

Hyderabad HC Upholds Family Court Decision Allowing Use of Skype to Record Testimony(07.11.2016)

Hyderabad High Court while upholding a Khammam Family Court decision that allowed use of Skype to record statement of a spouse working in US, has said.....

Tags : Hyderabad High Court, Family Court, Skype, Testimony, US

Gujarat HC: Property Cannot be Straightway Given to Complainant Under Domestic Violence Act(07.11.2016)

Gujarat High Court has held that a property owned by a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) and any suit property cannot be straightaway given to an aggrieved.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Hindu Undivided Family, Domestic Violence Act

Kerala HC to Registrar, District Judiciary: Introduce Child-Friendly Rooms in Family Courts(30.06.2022)

Kerala High Court while suggesting introduction of child-friendly rooms in all Family Courts in the State, has directed Registrar of the District Judi.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Child-Friendly Room, Family Court

Allow Bhajiyawala Family to Operate PPF Accounts: Gujarat High Court(19.09.2018)

Gujarat High Court has directed the Income Tax department and SBI to permit Surat-based financier Jignesh Bhajiyawala and his family members to operat.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Bhajiyawala Family

Tripura HC Closes Plea on Plight of Minor Girl Who was Sold Due to Poverty of Family(21.07.2020)

Tripura High Court has closed the suo-moto Public Interest Litigations registered against the plight of a minor girl aged about 14 years, native of No.....

Tags : Tripura High Court, Minor Girl Who was Sold Due to Poverty of Family

Kar. HC: Women Epicentres of Family Life, Deserve Preferential Treatment in Matters Relating to Bail(19.06.2024)

Karnataka HC while granting bail to Bhavani Revanna, mother of Prajwal Revanna, has observed that women are the epicentres of family life; their displ.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Preferential Treatment, Family Life, Bhavani Revanna

Madras HC Directs PAG to Pay Family Pension to Adopted Daughter(21.10.2016)

Madras High Court has slammed Principal Accountant General (PAG) for returning a proposal sent by an Additional Assistant Educational Officer (AAEO) i.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Family Pension, Adopted Daughter

Notify Names of Family Court Judges: Delhi HC to State(15.10.2018)

Delhi High Court has ordered the state government to notify the names of family court judges recommended by it for manning nine family courts in the c.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Family Courts

P&H HC: Dependant Parents Entitled to Family Pension After Wife & Children Lose Eligibility(19.04.2022)

Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that entitlement for the grant of family pension to the dependent parents needs to be seen after the widow or .....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana High Court, family pension

Delhi HC: Restraint Order Against Husband Under DV Act from Making Arrangement for Child Visitation(21.04.2022)

Delhi High Court has ruled that the domain and extent of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and Family Courts Act, 1984, being two c.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Family Courts Act, 1984

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