Ker. HC: Elected Party Members Supporting Opposite Party are Liable for Disqualification  ||  All. HC to Counsels: Avoid Seeking Adjournments to Reduce the Backlog of Unresolved Cases  ||  Mad. HC: Law must be Potent Enough to Operate Against the People in Power  ||  SC Expresses Reservation with Precedent Limiting Scope of High Courts in Deciding Discharge Appln  ||  SC: High Courts Must Quash Vexatious Criminal Prosecutions  ||  SC Explains Relevant Principles for Examining the Admissibility of Secondary Evidence  ||  SC Clarifies: Not Necessary that Person Accused Under S.3 of PMLA be Accused in Scheduled Offence  ||  SC: PMLA Can’t be Invoked if Criminal Conspiracy u/s 120B IPC Not Linked With Scheduled Offence  ||  Bom. HC: Victim/Guardian Not Obligated to Appear in Appeal for Suspension of Sentence in POCSO Case  ||  All. HC: All the Medical Representatives are Deemed to be Workmen    

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J&K HC Disposes Plea Seeking Law Prohibiting Cow Slaughter(12.02.2021)

Jammu & Kashmir High Court has disposed of a plea seeking direction to enact a law prohibiting slaughter of cows and its progeny, ox, bull, buffalo et.....

Tags : J & K HC, Cow Slaughter

Allahabad HC Refuses to Quash FIR Registered Under UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955(20.09.2021)

Allahabad High Court has refused to quash an FIR registered under the U.P. Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955 against 7 persons, booked under Secti.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, FIR Registered Under UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955

Rajasthan High Court: Declare 'Cow' As National Animal of India(31.05.2017)

Rajasthan High Court, while pitching for the need to increase punishment for cow slaughtering, has observed that cow should be made the national anima.....

Tags : Rajasthan High Court, cow slaughtering, National Animal

Allahabad HC Expresses Concern Over Misuse of Provision for Prevention of Cow Slaughter(26.10.2020)

Allahabad High Court has expressed concern over frequent misuse of the provisions of Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, for implicat.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Misuse of Provision for Prevention of Cow Slaughter

Delhi HC Refuses to Take Plea for Law to Ban Cow Slaughter(21.12.2015)

Delhi High Court has refused to entertain a petition seeking enactment of a law prohibiting slaughter of cows, saying that issue is beyond the domain .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Law to Ban Cow Slaughter

Supreme Court Rejects Plea Seeking Complete Ban on Cow Slaughter(27.01.2017)

Supreme Court has dismissed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a complete ban on cow slaughter in every State.

Tags : Supreme Court, Cow Slaughter, Beef Ban

All. HC: There is no Need of Permit to Transport Cow(s) and its Progeny Within the State of U.P(11.10.2023)

Allahabad High Court while referring to Section 5A of U.P. Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955 has held that there is no need of permit to transport.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Cow Slaughter, Transport, Permit

Delhi High Court Issues Notice to Centre on Plea for Total Prohibition on Cow Slaughter(03.02.2022)

Delhi High Court has issued notice on plea seeking total prohibition on slaughter of cows and its progeny, alleging that the same violates Article 48 .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Total Prohibition on Cow Slaughter

SC: Court Cannot Compel the Legislature to Come Out with a Particular Legislation(18.07.2023)

Supreme Court while declining to issue direction regarding the prohibition of cow slaughter has observed that the same is for the competent legislatur.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Legislation, Writ Jurisdiction, Cow Slaughter

Himachal HC to Centre: Ban Cow Slaughter, Sale of Beef within 6 Months(01.08.2016)

Himachal Pradesh High Court has ordered Central Government to ban cow slaughter in the country within six months.

Tags : Himachal Pradesh High Court , Cow Slaughter

Supreme Court Stays HP High Court Ruling on Cow Slaughter(24.01.2017)

Supreme Court has stayed July 2016 judgment of Himachal Pradesh High Court directing Centre to enact a law prohibiting cow slaughter.

Tags : Supreme Court , Himachal Pradesh High Court, cow slaughter

Allahabad HC: Cow Slaughtering Hurts Sentiments of Hindus, Affects Public Order(27.02.2017)

Allahabad HC, while upholding a detention order passed against a person under National Security Act for allegedly slaughtering cows, has observed that.....

Tags : Allahabad HC, Cow Slaughtering

Bombay HC Orders Police to Take Action Against Illegal Cow Slaughter and Meat Sale(16.01.2019)

Bombay High Court has directed the police to take action in all complaints received against illegal animal slaughter and sale of such meat in the stat.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Illegal Cow Slaughter

Sikkim State Assembly Passes Bill Prohibiting Cow Slaughter(31.08.2017)

Sikkim has passed a Bill banning cow slaughter, which is titled as 'Sikkim Prevention of Cow Slaughter Bill, 2017'.

Tags : Sikkim State Assembly, Cow Slaughter

SC Disposes Plea Against Cow Slaughter, Elephant Poaching, Animal Killing(23.08.2021)

Supreme Court has disposed of a plea raising concerns of the slaughter of cows, poaching of elephants, killing of wild animals for crop protection and.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Cow Slaughter, Elephant Poaching, Animal Killing

All. HC: UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act Doesn't Bar Transportation of Beef(24.11.2023)

Allahabad High Court has held that restriction placed under Section 5A of U.P Cow Slaughter Act is only in respect of transportation of cow, bull or b.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Cow Slaughter Act, Beef

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