Direction by UP Govt. to Display Name of Shop Owners During Kanwar Yatra Challenged in SC  ||  Del. HC: DDA Criticized for Not Taking Measures for Beautification of District Park  ||  Order Holding that Watching Child Porn Isn’t an Offence, Recalled by Karnataka HC  ||  Uttarakhand HC: Can’t Hold Husband Guilty for Unnatural Sex Under Section 377 of IPC  ||  Cal. HC: Applications Related to ICA Can be Entertained by Single Judge of Commercial Division  ||  Bom. HC: Stock Broker Can’t be Booked for Duping Shareholders Only for Forwarding Whatsapp Messages  ||  Del. HC: PIL Seeking Removal of Videos of Women and Minor on YouTube, Refused  ||  Del. HC: PIL Seeking Removal of Videos of Women and Minor on YouTube, Refused  ||  Del. HC: Delhi Govt. Directed to Implement Hybrid Courts Project on Priority Basis  ||  SC: Dispute regarding Discharge of Contract is Arbitrable as per Arbitration Agreement    

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SC Dismisses Former IRS Officer's Writ Petition Against Compulsory Retirement(06.10.2020)

Supreme Court has dismissed a writ petition filed by a former IRS officer against his compulsory retirement ordered by the Central Government in 2019.

Tags : Supreme Court, Compulsory Retirement

J&K&L HC: No Compulsory Retirement on Committee advice, Sans Departmental Enquiry & Ample Material(20.10.2022)

Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court has ruled that the power to compulsorily retire a government servant in terms of service rules is absolute, pr.....

Tags : Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court ,compulsory retirement, servant

Ker. HC: Reduction in Pension/Gratuity to be Decided at Time of Imposing Punishment(27.09.2022)

Kerala High Court has held that the decision as to whether a particular case where compulsory retirement imposed warrants reduction in pension or grat.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Compulsory Retirement, Pension

SC: Order of Compulsory Retirement Can be Set Aside if Found to be Punitive(07.03.2023)

Supreme Court has observed that order of compulsory retirement can be set aside if it is punitive in nature and was passed to circumvent the pending d.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Compulsory Retirement, Punitive, Disciplinary Proceedings

Calcutta High Court Sets Aside Compulsory Retirement of Lower Court Judge(08.07.2019)

Calcutta High Court has set aside an order of compulsory retirement to a lower court judge, which was issued to him by the HC's administration on char.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Compulsory Retirement

JKL HC: Competent Authority must Reach a Bona Fide Opinion to enforce Order of Compulsory Retirement(08.08.2023)

Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court has held that a government servant can’t be compulsorily retired unless competent authority comes to a conclus.....

Tags : Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court, Compulsory Retirement, Competent Authority

Registration of Criminal Cases Against Public Servant 'No' Ground for Compulsory Retirement: J&K HC(05.03.2018)

Jammu & Kashmir High Court has ruled that mere registration of a FIR against a public servant shall not be a ground for compulsorily retiring the offi.....

Tags : Jammu & Kashmir High Court, Compulsory Retirement

Kerala HC Dismisses Challenge Against Compulsory Retirement of Judicial Officer(26.02.2020)

Kerala High Court has dismissed a Writ Petition challenging an order of compulsory retirement of a judicial officer, observing that there is no scope .....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Compulsory Retirement of Judicial Officer

MP HC Upholds Punishment of Compulsory Retirement of Court Staff Taking Bribe(30.03.2022)

Madhya Pradesh High Court has upheld its verdict of not interfering with the order of the Disciplinary Authority, and has directed compulsory retireme.....

Tags : Madhya Pradesh High Court, Compulsory Retirement, Disciplinary Authority, punishment, bribe

Kar. HC Upholds CR of Judge for Preparing Order Sheets of Proceedings That Did Not Take Place(01.07.2022)

Karnataka High Court has dismissed a petition filed by a former Civil Judge, Junior Division against order passed by the state government ordering com.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Compulsory Retirement, Civil Judge


Strict standard needs to be applied for judging conduct of judicial officer(10.12.2019)

The Appellant, a judicial officer of the rank of Additional District and Sessions Judge, assails his order of compulsory retirement at 56 years of age.....

Tags : Compulsory retirement, Legality

Integrity of judicial officer must be of a higher order and even a single aberration is not permitted(27.02.2020)

Present writ petitions have been filed by two erstwhile judicial officers who were members of the judicial service in the State of Jharkhand and are d.....

Tags : Compulsory retirement, Public interest, Legality

If the findings are based on evidence, the question of adequacy of evidence will not be a ground for interfering with the findings of the departmental enquiries(08.05.2023)

The present writ petition has been filed by the Petitioner impugning the order passed by the Disciplinary Authority of the erstwhile Andhra Bank under.....

Tags : Departmental enquiries, Compulsory retirement, Validity

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