Ker. HC: Can’t Recall Child Witness to Fill Up Lacuna and Omission in Evidence of Accused  ||  SC: No Direction to ECI to Publish Info. Regarding Disclosure of Final Data of Voter Turnout  ||  BCI Issues Circular Regarding Implementation of Set of Reforms in Legal Education  ||  SC: Can’t Treat Prosecution’s Version as Gospel Truth in POCSO Cases  ||  Supreme Court: Bail Matters Should Rest and End With High Courts  ||  MP HC: Can Allow Filing of WS Beyond Limitation Period if Exceptional Circumstances are Made Out  ||  ChatGPT Used by Manipur High Court for Research to Pass Order  ||  All. HC: Cost Imposed on Party for Filing False Affidavit Before Authority to Grab Widow’s Property  ||  SC: Can’t Set Aside Conviction if Statement of Accused Not Used for Evidence While Cross-Examination  ||  Cal. HC: POSH Committee to Re-Consider Complaint Dismissed for Being Barred by Limitation    

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SC: Not Necessary That Accused Must be Actively Involved in Physical Activity of Assault(01.10.2020)

Supreme Court has observed that it is not necessary that an accused must be actively involved in the physical activity of assault to convict him on th.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Common Intention

SC: Common Intention Can be Formed at Spur of Moment And During Occurrence Itself(16.12.2022)

Supreme Court has held that 'common intention' for the purpose of Section 34 IPC can be formed at the spur of the moment and during the occurrence its.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Common Intention, Occurrence

SC Explains Distinction Between Common Intention and Common Object(11.10.2023)

Supreme Court has observed common intention denotes action in concert and necessarily postulates the existence of a prearranged plan implying a prior .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Common Intention, Common Object

SC: Common Intention Not to Be Inferred Merely on the Basis of Presence of Accused Near Crime Scene(07.02.2024)

SC while observing that there wasn’t oral or documentary evidence to attribute accused with common intention of murder has held that inference was dra.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Common Intention, Section 34 IPC

SC: Immaterial Whether Accused Used Weapon or Caused Injury If Common Intention Established(10.03.2022)

Supreme Court has observed that once it is established that all the accused came at the place of incident with a common intention to kill the deceased.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Common Intention


Essence of Section 34 of IPC, is simultaneous consensus of minds of persons participating in criminal action to bring about particular result(25.07.2017)

Present appeals arise out of common judgment and sentence passed by Additional Sessions Judge, Fast Track Court. Trial Court after hearing parties and.....

Tags : Common Intention, Conviction, Validity

When the evidence of the eye-witnesses is of sterling quality, an adverse inference need not be drawn(13.12.2023)

Present is an appeal preferred by the Accused Nos. 1 and 2. The learned Trial Court convicted Accused No. 3, for the offence punishable under Section .....

Tags : Common intention, Conviction, Legality

Absence of any overt act of assault, exhortation or possession of weapon cannot be singularly determinative of absence of common intention(01.08.2017)

In present case, conviction of Respondent No. 2, under Section 302/34 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) by Sessions Judge has been reversed by High Cou.....

Tags : Common Intention, Acquittal, Validity

Common intention contemplated by Section 34 of IPC pre¬supposes prior concert requires a pre-arranged plan before a man can be vicariously convicted for the criminal act of another(15.03.2022)

In facts of present case, the Sessions Court has convicted the Appellant¬-accused for an offence punishable under Section 302 read with Section 34 of .....

Tags : Common intention, Conviction, Legality

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