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SC: Certificate is Condition Precedent to Admissibility of Electronic Evidence(15.07.2020)

Supreme Court has held that the certificate required under Section 65B(4) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 is a condition precedent to the admissibili.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

All. HC: Telephonic Conversation Between Accused Persons Admissible Even if Obtained Illegally(01.09.2023)

Allahabad High Court has held that evidence can’t be refused to be admitted on the ground that it had been obtained illegally, and therefore telephoni.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Evidence, Admissibility, Telephonic Conversation

SC Explains Relevant Principles for Examining the Admissibility of Secondary Evidence(30.11.2023)

Supreme Court while observing that if a document that is required to be stamped is not sufficiently stamped, then the law is well settled that a copy .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Secondary Evidence, Admissibility


Ossification test cannot be regarded as conclusive for ascertaining age of a person(30.11.2016)

Present appeals by special leave impugns judgment passed by High Court, whereby appeal filed by Appellants was dismissed affirming their conviction un.....

Tags : Age determination, Medical Opinion, Admissibility

Instruments not duly stamped is inadmissible in evidence and cannot be acted upon(12.04.2018)

The present petition is against the order whereby the application filed under Section 35 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 raising objection about the adm.....

Tags : Document, Admissibility, Registration

If document which ought to be produced in Court is not produced at that time, then it cannot be produced later on without leave of Court(03.08.2018)

The instant Civil Revision Petition filed is against the order passed by the Trial Court. Petitioners are the Defendants in the Suit filed by the Plai.....

Tags : Document, Production, Admissibility

Group Insurance Service is admissible for Cenvat Credit(16.04.2021)

The issue involved in the present case is that whether the Appellant is entitled for the Cenvat Credit in respect of Group Insurance Services for insu.....

Tags : Group insurance, Cenvat credit, Admissibility

Cenvat Credit in respect of Courier Service is admissible(06.04.2022)

The facts of the case is that, during the disputed period i.e. April 2015 to June 2017, the Appellant had availed Cenvat credit on the basis of invoic.....

Tags : Cenvat credit, Input service, Admissibility

Certificate required under Section 65B(4) of Evidence Act is a condition precedent to the admissibility of evidence by way of electronic record(14.07.2020)

Present Civil Appeals have been referred to a Bench of three honourable Judges of this Court by a Division Bench reference dealing with the interpreta.....

Tags : Admissibility, Evidence, Provision, Interpretation

Document containing contract to transfer right, title or interest in an immovable property for consideration is required to be registered, if party wants to rely on same(04.07.2018)

Instant appeal emanates from the decision of the High Court dated 2nd December, 2016 allowing the application preferred by Respondent Nos. 1 & 2 (Defe.....

Tags : Suit agreement, Document, Admissibility

Compact Disc is a ‘document’ under Section 294 CrPC(24.11.2015)

The Supreme Court ruled that a Compact Disc (CD) is a document under Section 294 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and courts were not required .....

Tags : proof, recording, admissibility, compact disc, document

An unstamped instrument is not admissible in evidence even for collateral purpose, until the same is impounded(23.03.2018)

In present suit, Plaintiff has filed the document dated 9th September, 1994 evidencing family settlement which was claimed by the Plaintiff as memoran.....

Tags : Partition, Document, Admissibility

Statement of a person recorded by officers of NCB or CBN after arrest of such person is inadmissible in evidence(10.10.2017)

The instant appeal has been preferred by the accused Appellant being aggrieved of the judgment passed by the learned Special Judge, whereby, the Appel.....

Tags : Conviction, Statement, Admissibility

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