Del. HC: Mere Global Reputation Not Sufficient to Answer Claim of Transborder Reputation  ||  Bom. HC: Trial Court can Compound Offence u/s 138 NI Act at Initial Stage w/o Consent of Complainant  ||  Ker. HC: Title of Property Can’t be Determined Merely with Reference to Survey Demarcation  ||  Del. HC: Directions for Investigation Cannot be Given by the Magistrate Mechanically  ||  SC Refers 'Asian Resurfacing' Judgment to 5-Judge Bench  ||  All. HC: S.388 Allows Appeal Against Order of Inferior Court to District Judge  ||  SC: Copy of Insufficiently Stamped Document Can’t be Adduced as Secondary Evidence  ||  SC: Judicial Independence can be Ensured as Long as Judges Live with a Sense of Financial Dignity  ||  Cal. HC: Situation of Rape Victim Being a Sterling Witness Can’t be Considered to be Universal  ||  Ker. HC: Elected Party Members Supporting Opposite Party are Liable for Disqualification    

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AAR West Bengal:No GST Registration Required for Co-Owner in AoP until Turnover has Reached Threshold(13.11.2019)

Authority of Advance Ruling, West Bengal has ruled that GST Registration is not needed for Co-Owner in Association of Persons until the turnover reach.....

Tags : AAR West Bengal, GST

AAR West Bengal: Supplies to Foreign Going Vessels not Zero-Rated Unless Marked Specifically(21.11.2019)

Authority for Advance Ruling West Bengal has ruled that supply of stores to foreign going vessels, as defined under Section 2(21) of the Customs Act, .....

Tags : AAR West Bengal, Vessels

AAAR West Bengal: Supply of Printing Trade Advertisement is Service(07.01.2020)

West Bengal Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling has held that printing trade advertisement content provided by the customer and supplying such prin.....

Tags : AAAR West Bengal, Printing Trade

IIM Kolkata Being an Educational Institution, Eligible for GST Exemption: AAR(20.11.2018)

Advance Ruling Authority, West Bengal has held that the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) should be treated as an ‘educational institution’ for the.....

Tags : AAR West Bengal, IIM Kolkata, GST

AAR West Bengal: No Input Tax Credit on Motor Vehicles Bought for Rent-a-Cab Service(13.06.2019)

Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR), West Bengal has noted that the GST paid on the purchase of motor vehicles for supplying rent-a-cab service is not.....

Tags : AAR West Bengal, Input Tax Credit

AAR West Bengal: TDS Notification Not Applicable to Exempt Supplies(13.06.2019)

Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR), West Bengal has noted that the Notification on TDS is applicable on exempt supplies. AAR held that when the activ.....

Tags : AAR West Bengal, TDS Notification

AAR West Bengal: Drainage of Channels and Riverbeds Exempted From GST(14.06.2019)

Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) West Bengal has noted that the drainage of channels and riverbeds is an exempt supply under the Goods and Services.....

Tags : AAR West Bengal, Riverbed

AAAR West Bengal: No Abatement for Construction Service on Value of PLS Realized Separately(10.10.2019)

Appellate Authority of Advance Ruling, West Bengal has held that that no abatement has been prescribed for construction service under Serial Number. 3.....

Tags : AAAR West Bengal, Abatement

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