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DGFT clarifies issues related to Non-Ferrous Metal Import Monitoring System (NFMIMS)- (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) (27 Jul 2022)



1. Subsequent to the issuance of DGFT Notification No. 61/2015-2020 dated 31.03.2021 amending the import policy of items of copper (Annexure-I to DGFT Notification No. 61/2015-2020) falling in Chapter-74 of ITC (HS) and items of Aluminium (Annexure-III to DGFT Notification No. 61/2015-2020) falling in Chapter-76 of ITC (HS) from Free' to 'Free subject to compulsory registration under Non-Ferrous Metal Import Monitoring System (NFMIMS)', DGFT has received various representations from members of Trade & Industry seeking clarification on NFMIMS.

2. The issues were referred to M/o Mines and based upon the clarification received, responses thereto are given below:

A. Whether imports through air mode are exempted from registration under NFMIMS?

Response: NFMIMS will not be applicable on air-freighted goods as this mode is used for emergency/small volume high value goods required at short notice.

B. Whether multiple consignments against a NFMIMS registration can be imported within the validity period of NFMIMS Registration?

Response: Any number of consignments can be imported by a single NFMIMS registration within the validity of the registration.

C. Whether it is compulsory to provide the proper Quality Control Order (QCO) description in NFMIMS or not?

Response: The information relating to proper QCO description can be treated as optional category in the description filed by importer under NFMIMS.

D. Whether the Custom officers at the border are mandated to check QCO description in NFMIMS certificate while clearing the Bill of Entries or not?

Response: Since the QCO information is optional information therefore, it is not mandatory for the Custom officer to check QCO description under NFMIMS. However, custom officer has to consider the provisions/rules under the other laws of the land at the time of clearing the Bill of Entries.

E. Whether NFMIMS is applicable to shipments under Advance Authorization, DFIA and SEZs?

Response: NFMIMS is applicable to imports through Advance Authorization, DFIA and import to SEZs.


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