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TRAI issues Consultation Paper on "Approach towards Sustainable Telecommunications"- (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) (16 Jan 2017)


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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has today issued the Consultation Paper on "Approach towards Sustainable Telecommunications". TRAI received a reference from the Department of Telecommunications on 23rd November 2015 seeking recommendations on "Implementation of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) in Telecom Sector" for Methodologies for measuring Carbon Emission and calibration of Directives issued by DoT in 2012 and approach for its implementation. This Consultation paper outlines the significance of energy efficiency in modern telecommunication networks and suggests directions for optimizing network performance in terms of energy demands. The methodology which may be adopted for calculation of carbon footprint of the network has been deliberated in detail. Keeping in view the various aspects of energy efficiency in telecom networks, the way ahead to achieve the renewable energy targets in telecom sector has been discussed. Through this consultation paper, TRAI seeks views of the stakeholders on many significant issues i.e. approach for calculating the carbon footprint, need for auditing the carbon footprint of a telecom network by a third party auditor and its mechanism, formulas suitable for calculation of Carbon footprints from Grid supply and DG Sets, options available for renewable energy solutions, support to industry for effective implementation of RET/Energy efficient solutions, methodology for setting new Renewable energy targets in the telecom sector and the timeframe for achieving these targets etc. The Consultation Paper has been placed on TRAI's website. The Authority would take a decision on the subject matter after considering the views of the stakeholders. Written comments on the issues raised in the consultation paper are invited from the stakeholders by 13th February 2017 and counter-comments by 27th February 2017.


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