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Ankita Chodhary v. Guru Gobind Singh Inderprastha University - (High Court of Delhi) (03 Jun 2016)

Petition against admission procedure? Sooner better than later



Under its then existing reservation policy, the University accepted persons with a caste certificate from outside Delhi to also be considered OBC candidates. However, by a notification issued two days before counselling, it altered its stance to the effect that only students with caste certificates issued by Delhi Government would be eligible to apply under the OBC category.

As a result, the Appellant, who previously placed highly on the OBC list, was excluded from admission as a general category candidate. Though the Single Judge of the High Court had been sympathetic, it ruled that Appellant could not regain her seat, as the same had been filled by then; future counselling for the academic year reservation for OBC candidates for PGMC would take place without giving effect to the Notification.

The Division accepted the earlier ruling of the court inasmuch Appellant could have taken steps to file her petition at an earlier date. By the time Appellant approached the court, the seats had been filled. it proffered several means by which the court could have been approached on a much shorter notice.


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