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Implementation of Import Management Systems for IT Hardware- (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) (19 Oct 2023)



Attention is drawn to DGFT Notification No. 23/2023 dated 03rd August 2023 read with Notification No. 26/2023 dated 4th August 2023 and Notification No. 38/2023 dated 19th October 2023 whereby Import of certain specified IT Hardware was 'Restricted'. In this regard, the following clarifications are provided:

i. Reference SEZ Rule 27 and Para 6.01(d) of the FTP 2023, SEZ units and EOUs/EHTP/STPI/BTP are not required to obtain a 'restricted import authorisation' for import of IT hardware restricted vide Notification 23/2023 dated 03.08.2023. The given exemption is allowed only for the captive consumption of the concerned importing unit(s).

ii. There are no import restrictions on spares, parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies, components, and other inputs necessary for the IT hardware devices as specified under Notification 23/2023 dated 03.08.2023.

iii. Notified IT hardware items essential for Capital Goods are exempt from import licensing requirements. For instance, laptops/tablets accompanying machinery such as MRI machines, CNC machines, Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs), etc., are examples of allowed exemptions. However, if servers or laptops etc. themselves are the primary capital goods, this exemption does not apply.

iv. The importers are allowed to apply for multiple authorisations. The authorisations issued shall be valid upto 30th September 2024. Subsequent to the issuance of an Import Authorisation, the quantity(s) as mentioned on a valid Import Authorisation may also be amended at any point, subject to the overall value of the import authorisation remaining unchanged. The application for amendment may be filed online on the DGFT Website (

This is issued with the approval of Competent Authority.


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