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Reduction of Timeline for Listing of Shares in Public Issue from Existing T+6 Days To T+3 Days- (Securities and Exchange Board of India) (09 Aug 2023)


Capital Market

. Consequent to extensive consultation with the market participants and considering the public comments received pursuant to consultation paper on the aforesaid subject matter, it has been decided to reduce the time taken for listing of specified securities after the closure of public issue to 3 working days (T+3 days) as against the present requirement of 6 working days (T+6 days); 'T' being issue closing date.

2. Accordingly, the revised timelines for listing of specified securities and various activities involved in the public issue process are specified in Annexure to this circular.

3. The T+3 timeline for listing shall be appropriately disclosed in the Offer Documents of public issues.

4. The timelines for submission of application, allotment of securities, unblocking of application monies and listing shall prominently be made a part of pre-issue, issue opening and issue closing advertisements issued by the Issuer for public issues in terms of the SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2018 ("ICDR Regulations").

General Instructions:

5. For Direct Bank ASBA and Syndicate ASBA applications, prior to blocking of ASBA application monies in the bank account of the applicant, the SCSBs shall ensure the following:

(i) The PAN mentioned in the application matches with the PAN linked to the bank account of the applicant maintained with the bank.

A confirmation on the above shall be submitted by SCSBs to the Registrar to an Issue along with the Final Certificate.

(ii) The PAN linked to the bank account of the applicant shall be part of the bidding data on the Stock Exchange platform.

6. The Registrar to an Issue shall undertake third-party verification of the applications by matching the PAN available in the demat account with the PAN available in the bank account of the applicant. In instances of mismatch, such applications shall continue to be considered as invalid applications for finalising the basis of allotment.

7. Lock-in of pre-issue shares shall be made effective in compliance with ICDR Regulations. Further, the operationalization of lock-in shall be in line with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Depositories issued vide circular/communique dated August 08, 2023.

8. In partial modification to circulars dated March 16, 2021 and April 20, 2022, the compensation to investors for delay in unblocking of ASBA application monies (if any) shall be computed from T+3 day.

Applicability of this circular

9. Notwithstanding anything contained in Schedule VI of the ICDR Regulations, the provisions of this circular shall be applicable:

- On voluntary basis for public issues opening on or after September 1, 2023 and

- Mandatory for public issues opening on or after December 1, 2023.

10. The timelines prescribed for public issues as mentioned in SEBI circulars dated November 1, 2018, June 28, 2019, November 8, 2019, March 30, 2020, March 16, 2021, June 2, 2021, and April 20, 2022 shall stand modified to the extent stated in this Circular.

11. This Circular is being issued in exercise of the powers conferred under section 11 and section 11A of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992.


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