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Issuance of EODC for AA and EPCG process from DGFT portal- (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) (06 Apr 2023)



Reference is drawn to earlier Trade Notice no. 24/2022-23 dated 12th January 2023 regarding the online functionality to AA / EPCG authorisation holders to update closure / redemption status on the DGFT Website (https://dgft.gov.in) of manually issued EODC in case incorrectly reflected on the DGFT portal.

2. In continuation to the said instructions, it is informed that -

i. Online application for redemption/closure of licence may be submitted by navigating to DGFT website --> Services --> AA / EPCG --> Closure of Advance Authorisation / Closure of EPCG.

ii. AA closure application may be submitted with or without data validations-

a. With Validation Route- Given that the complete dataset such as shipping bills / Bills of Entry / eBRC / GST invoices / Bills of Exports / Tax Receipts etc. is available in online system.

b. Without Validation Route- Application may be submitted even with data (such as shipping bills / Bills of Entry / eBRC etc.) exceptions.

iii. EPCG closure applications may also be submitted online without validation.

3. For cases wherein physical files are submitted for redemption to the RA, the Authorisation holders may submit EODC status update applications to RA for processing. Following steps may please be taken note of-

i. RA may suo-moto update the licence status by navigating to License Room, select relevant License number --> Click on "EODC Status Update" button and generate the EODC letter online.

ii. Authorisation Holder may submit EODC status update application by navigating to DGFT website --> Services --> AA / EPCG --> EODC Status update.

4. If certain documents require physical submission, the Authorization holder would still apply for redemption on DGFT portal (without validation). Regional Authorities will examine the case accordingly and correspondence with the applicant shall be undertaken online using the DGFT portal.

5. It may be noted that any such EODC issued online is electronically transmitted to Customs ICEGATE System in near real-time, to facilitate discharge of Customs bond and other related activities at the Customs port.

6. The above-mentioned online options cover online applications with validation as well as online application without validation involving physical submission. It is accordingly directed that no Export Obligation Discharge Certificates (EODC) are to be issued manually or through any legacy IT system (LEMIS System) with immediate effect.

7. All MIS reports are to be generated by the RA based on the data updated online

8. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.


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