Del. HC: Accrual of Cause of Action at a Place is not a Consideration for Determining Jurisdiction  ||  Mad. HC to State: Prevent use of Stickers such as ‘Police’ or ‘GOI’ on Private Vehicles  ||  Bom. HC: Magistrate Needn’t Provide Additional Reasons for Amount of Interim Compensation Awarded  ||  Del. HC: ‘THEOBROMA’ is Free to Expand its Outlets Across the Country  ||  Ker. HC: Detention Order Under KAPPA 2007 must be Confirmed Within 3 Months from Date of Execution  ||  Kar. HC: Not Every False Statement Made in Court Must be Subject to Prosecution  ||  Ker. HC: Roads are Ordinarily Deserted During Night; Likelihood of Causing Death by Accident is Less  ||  Del. HC: Severity of Offence Can’t Disentitle Foreigner to Get Parole for Filing SLP  ||  Cal. HC: Can’t Compound Proceedings u/s 138 NI Act at Revision Stage Without Complainant’s Consent  ||  Bom. HC: There Should be Some Accountability Fixed on Courts in Cases of Prolonged Incarceration    

Appointment of Election Officer to conduct 13th council elections of Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors for 1/3rd members who are due to retire on 28th July 2021- (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) (24 May 2021)



Authority hereby appoints Ms. Nimisha Srivastava, DGM, IRDAI as the Election Officer for conducting the 13th Council Elections for 1/3rd vacancy arising out of retirement of members on 28th July 2021, to ensure compliance with the requirement of Article 49 of AOA of IIISLA for conduct of annual election.

The Election Officer is advised to take all necessary steps to conduct the election in a smooth and fair manner and in accordance with Articles of Association (AOA) of IIISLA and IIISLA Regulations & Procedure for the conduct of elections to the Council (Election Regulations). IIISLA is hereby advised to extend all co-operation and financial assistance to conduct the elections in accordance with AOA and Election Regulations.

This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority.


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