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Electronic filing and issuance of Preferential CoO for India's exports under IMCECPA w.e.f. 01st April 2021- (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) (01 Apr 2021)



1. In continuation to the earlier Trade Notice(s) 34/2015-2020 dated 19.09.2019, 41/2019-2020 dated 12.12.2020, 53/2019-2020 dated 02.03.2020, 01/2020-2021 dated 07.04.2020, 30/2020-2021 dated 13.10.2020 and 43/2015-2020 dated 23.02.2021, it is informed that the electronic platform for Preferential Certificate of Origin(CoO) is being expanded further to facilitate electronic application of Preferential Certificates of Origin under the India Mauritius Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (IMCECPA)

2. The Preferential Certificate of Origin for exports to Mauritius under India Mauritius CECPA shall be applied and issued from the CoO e-platform with effect from 01st April 2021.

3. It is informed that for the applications under the above mentioned Trade Agreement, the e-CoO system shall generate three (3) copies i.e. Original, Duplicate and triplicate along-with an additional copy i.e. electronic copy. The electronic copy shall bear the image signature of the officer and stamp of the issuing agency. The exporter may however get the remaining (3) copies duly signed in wet-ink by the issuing officer along with the stamp of the issuing office. The paper copies of the CoOs so issued may be collected by post or in person, for any submission to the Trade Partner Country's authorities.

4. The concerned Indian Exporters may please take note of the following points with regard to the process being notified herewith:

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) would be required for the purpose of electronic submission. The digital signature would be the same as used in other DGFT applications;

The digital signature may be Class III and should have the Importer Exporter Code (IEC) of the firm embedded in the DSC;

Any new applicant exporter would be required to initially register at the portal. The password would be sent on the email and mobile number of the IEC holder. In case the IEC holder desires to update their email on which communication is to be sent, the same may be done by using the 'IEC Profile Management' service on the DGFT website .

Once registration is completed, the IEC details would be auto-populated as per the DGFT-IEC database. Applicant is required to ensure that updated IEC details are available in the DGFT system. Necessary steps may be taken to modify the IEC details online, whenever required.


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