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One-time permission for resubmission of applications for claiming assistance under 'Transport and Marketing Assistance for Specified Agriculture Products Scheme- (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) (04 Feb 2020)



1. With reference to the subject mentioned above, attention is invited to sub-paras (e) and (f) of para 7(A). 01 of "Handbook of Procedures" notified vide Public Notice No. 82/2015-2020 dated 29.3.2019 whereby all claims for shipments made in a particular quarter are required to be bunched together and submitted as a single application. Incomplete or deficient applications shall result in non-acceptance by DGFT and are rejected.

2. DGFT has received several representations stating that due to various reasons, some applicants could not file correct claims and hence they should be allowed to correct such deficient applications.

3. The issue has been examined in the Directorate. Keeping in view that the scheme is new, it has been decided to allow one-time relaxation for modifying already filed deficient/incomplete applications.

4. All the applicants, who wish to modify their such applications, should provide information in the above mentioned google form latest by 20.02.2020 upto 5:00 p.m. No further request for modification of already submitted applications would be entertained after 20.02.2020. These applications would remain open for edit upto 29.02.2020. Using ECOM reference detail generated at the time of submission of original application, the applicants can edit the information pertaining to such applications and resubmit the same online by 29.02.2020.

5. A printout of the modified application along with a self-certified copy of the requisite documents should be submitted to the concerned RA upto 16th March, 2020.

6. The facility of resubmission is available only for those applications which are pending for disbursement. No supplementary application/enhancement in the claim can be made where the payment has already been made.


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