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Implementation of Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability (Seventh Amendment) Regulations, 2018- (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) (17 Oct 2019)


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1. TRAI had issued the Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability (Seventh Amendment) Regulations, 2018, on 13th December 2018, to the principal regulations of Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Regulations 2009 (8 of 2009). The revised MNP process is scheduled to be in force w.e.f. 11th November 2019.

2. Through these amendment regulations a major shift in the mechanism for generating Unique Porting Code (UPC) has been provisioned. Pre-validation of eligibility conditions for porting will determine generation of UPC by the Mobile Number Portability Service Provider (MNPSP). This shall ensure smooth porting in new framework, thus making the porting process faster and convenient to the mobile subscribers. Validity of UPC as per new process will be 4 days for all Licensed Service Areas (LSAs), barring the LSAs of Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East, where validity of UPC will still be 30 days.

3. Individual porting requests of Intra-Licensed Service Area (Intra-LSA) nature will be completed in 3 working days; whereas the porting requests of Inter-License Service Area (Inter-LSA) nature and all porting requests under corporate category (including Intra-LSA and Inter-LSA) will be completed in 5 working days. (For example-porting request of the mobile subscriber 'X' (individual) of Karnataka LSA who wants to change his operator within Karnataka LSA will be completed in 3 working days, whereas the service request of a person 'Y' (individual) who wishes to port his mobile number from Karnataka LSA to Delhi LSA service area will be completed in 5 days).

4. The cut-over to the new regulations will be effective from 00:00:00 hours of 11.11.2019. In the current MNP process, mobile subscribers can generate the UPC and submit their port request to the Recipient Operator of their choice till 17:59:59 hours of 04.11.2019.

5. There will be 'No service period' of 6 days for mobile number portability starting from 18:00:00 hours of 04.11.2019 till 23:59:59 hours of 10.11.2019 for all LSAs. Existing active UPCs where no porting request is not submitted by the subscriber till 17:59:59 hours of 04.11.2019, will become invalid. The subscriber can attempt the UPC generation afresh after the migration to the new process starts from 00:00:00 hours of 11.11.2019.

6. For all such requests where porting requests is submitted by the subscriber by 17:59:59 hours of 04.11.2019 and clearance is subsequently granted by the Donor Operator, the porting will have to be executed in the next porting window and broadcast of all executed porting have to be completed by 09:00:00 hours of 09.11.2019.

7. The mobile subscriber attempting to generate the UPC during 'No service period' will not get any response. In such a situation, UPC can be generated on or after 11.11.2019.


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