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Recovery of Interest on delayed remittance of Government Receipts into Government Account- (Reserve Bank of India) (26 Sep 2019)



In Circular DGBA.GAD.No.H-4831/42.01.011/2012-13 dated February 13, 2013 wherein, in order to bring uniformity in the procedure of reporting both central and State government transactions to Reserve Bank, it was advised that the petty claims of delayed period of penal interest involving amount of Rs. 500/- or below will be ignored and excluded from the purview of penal interest.

With a view to bring further uniformity in the procedure for reporting both central and state government transactions to Reserve Bank, it has been decided with the approval of Comptroller and Auditor General of India that instructions given in para 7.4 of CGA's OM S-11012/1(31)/AC(22)/2015/RBD/332-424 dated March 9, 2016, will be made applicable to State government transactions also i.e ignoring petty claims of penal interest involving an amount of Rs. 500/- or below and excluding them from the purview of penal interest, and applying the limit of penal interest of Rs. 500/- on per transaction basis.


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