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Applications in ANF-2D submitted for seeking policy/procedure relaxation in terms of Para 2.58 of the FTP- (Ministry of Commerce and Industry) (30 Jan 2019)



Trade and industry is already aware that in view of the increasing number of applications seeking relaxation being received in this Directorate and to ensure its speedy disposal, the meetings of Policy Relaxation Committee (PRC), chaired by DG. are now being held every week. Our emphasis has been that all such requests must come before the PRC meeting within 2 weeks of its receipt in this office. However it has been observed that in large number of applications, Column 15 of ANF-2D i.e. Reasons/justification for seeking relaxation is left blank and a reference is drawn to the forwarding/covering letter.

2. As a consequence, while preparing agenda for the meeting, PRC section has to read the forwarding/covering letter and capture the request of the applicant. Many times, basic essence of the request made by the firm is lost in this process and decision making process also suffers unwarranted delays.

3. Therefore, it has been decided that henceforth all applicants seeking relaxation of FTP/HBP provisions must fill up column no. 15 of ANF 2D, while making online application, clearly bringing out the relaxation being sought mentioning the relevant para of FTP/HBP also. This is mandatory and Applications received without this column duly filled will be treated as incomplete applications and will be rejected.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.


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