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Sumeet Appliances Pvt. Ltd. v. Dilip Kumar Jain and Ors. - (High Court of Bombay) (28 Oct 2015)

Bombay High Court lends a helping hand to ‘Sumeet’


Intellectual Property Rights

The Bombay High Court held that the Defendant’s use of the mark ‘Sumeet’ was in infringement of the trade mark registered by the Plaintiff. Defendant’s claims that its similar mark ‘Sumeet sassaki’ was inspired by their deceased son were not accepted by the Court for not explaining why Defendant had modeled ‘Sumeet’ identically to the Plaintiff. It found inconsistencies and possible fabrication in the evidence produced, purporting to show assignment of mark to the Defendant.

Relevant : Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. v India Stationery Products Co & Anr. MANU/DE/0003/1990 Winthrop Products Inc v Eupharma Laboratories Ltd.MANU/MH/0094/1997


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