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Centre Mandates Trucks with Air Conditioned Cabins for Drivers- (Press Information Bureau) (24 Jul 2017)



The Central Government has mandated vide its notification no G.S.R 1034(E) dated 02nd November, 2016, that with effect from 01st day of April, 2017 all goods vehicles of Category N2 and Category N3, have to be fitted with an air conditioning system for the cabin. Implementation date has been extended to 31st December, 2017 vide S.O 2056(E) dated 30.06.2017. As per the data reported by Police Department of all States/UT's during the calendar year 2015, Trucks, Tempos, MAV and Tractors caused 98,897(19.7%) road accidents and resulted in 37,458 (25.6%) deaths. Buses caused 41,832 (8.3%) road accidents and resulted in 12,133 (8.3%) deaths. However, in terms of road users killed in road accidents during the calendar year 2015, the share of users of trucks and buses were 16,611 (11.4%) and 10743 (7.4%) respectively out of 1,46,133 number of total road accident deaths in the country.


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