Ministry : Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Department/Board : DGFT

Policy Circular No. : 21/2015-2020

Date : 11.03.2019


All Regional Authorities of DGFT
All Exporters/Members of Trade

Discontinuation of physical copy of Advanced/EPCG Authorisation - Procurement from SEZs

It has come to the notice of this Directorate that procurement from SEZs has been adversely affected due to the discontinuation of TRA facility for authorizations from EDI to non EDI ports vide Policy circular 19 dt. 14.02.2019. The process of integration of SEZ online with ICEGate might take some time. Therefore, for trade facilitation, it has been decided that, in partial modification of Policy circular 19 dt. 14.02.3019, the following process will be followed:

2. Procurement from SEZ

2.1 In case of procurement from SEZs, TRA facility shall be operated by RAs of DGFT as outlined below. The request for TRAs from EDI ports to SEZs shall be made to the concerned RA.

2.2 In cases where the request on a plain paper is made along with the application for authorization, the RA may issue a "Certificate of supplies from SEZ", containing details as given in Para 4.30 (d) of the HBP 2015-20, for the requested item, after making the import item "Invalid for direct imports". The "Certificate of supplies from SEZ" shall be marked in quadruplicate with a copy each to the authorization holder, SEZ supplier unit, designated officer at SEZ, and the relevant port customs authorities. The above certificate shall be issued as an online amendment to the authorization and has to be transmitted.

2.3 In cases where the request for issue of "Certificate of supplies from SEZ" is made in due course, it shall be accompanied with an authorization utilization status issued by the relevant customs authorities mentioned on the authorization for the RA to verify the actual utilization of authorization at the time of application. The certificate may be issued to the extent of quantity available as per utilization status. The remaining procedure shall remain same as the case where the request is made along with the application.

3. This Policy Circular is issued with the approval of DGFT.

(Vijay Kumar)
Addl. Director General of Foreign Trade

(Issued from file no. 1/94/180/275/AM19/PC-4)