Ministry : Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Department/Board : DGFT

Trade Notice No. : 31/2023-2024

Date : 19.10.2023


1. All Importers of Restricted Items

2. All Regional Authorities of DGFT

3. All Export Promotion Councils

Discontinuation of Issuance of Physical copy of Restricted Import Authorisation with effect from 19.10.2023

To further improve ease of doing business, it is decided to discontinue the issuance of physical copy of Authorisation for Restricted Imports with effect from 19.10.2023. In this regard, the following points are submitted for information please -

1. All Authorisation for Restricted Imports issued on or after 19.10.2023 for EDI Ports shall be issued electronically only. No paper copy of the said Authorisation shall be provided. The Authorisation data shall be transmitted electronically to the Customs Port of Registration.

2. Authorisation for Restricted Imports issued for any non-EDI port shall continue to be issued on paper.

3. Amendment or revalidation of any Authorisation for Restricted Imports issued before 19.10.2023 shall be processed in the existing manner wherein the paper copy of the amendment letter shall be issued, and the amendment letter number shall be duly endorsed on the original authorisation.

4. Reference para 5.01(f) of the HBP, in case of import of Restricted Items under EPCG, the authorisation for Restricted Import number and date is required to duly be endorsed in the condition sheet of the EPCG authorisation.

5. Authorisation holder may download a soft copy of the authorisation by logging onto the DGFT Website (

6. Difficulties, if any, in this proposed implementation may please be brought to notice of this Directorate immediately.

This is issued with the approval of the competent authority.

(Md. Moin Afaque)
Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade

[Issued from File No. 01/53/8/E/AM21/Misc/ImportCell]