Ministry : Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Department/Board : Commerce

Notification From File No. : 07/13/2022-DGTR

Date : 03.01.2023


All Interested Parties

Authority decides that Product Control Numbers (PCN) methodology need not be notified

Please refer to the proposed Product Control Numbers (PCNs) methodology by the Applicant published in the Initiation Notification dated 30th September, 2022.

The Designated Authority had invited comments/suggestions on the proposed PUC/PCNs for this investigation within 30 days from the date of initiation of the investigation. However, no comments were received within the stipulated time.

The information on record shows that there are no imports from the subject country Thailand and negligible imports from China PR in the POI. Only one exporter from Thailand has submitted questionnaire response showing nil exports to India. It is also observed that no PCN methodology was notified by the Authority in the original investigation and in the first sunset review investigation.

Therefore, Authority decides that PCN methodology need not be notified in the case. However, wherever required grade to grade comparison shall be made for fair comparison.

Devender Singh
Deputy Director General Foreign Trade